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Evaporating Vaping Options
The FDA Moves to Regulate Away Consumer Choices
Stringent regulations on the e-cigarette market to come.
Raymond J. March | December 20, 2018
Alleviating California’s Housing Crisis
Take Two
The political response to California’s worsening housing shortage stands as one of the highest-stakes debates in modern American policymaking.
Nick Zaiac | December 18, 2018
Need Health Care?
Look Beyond Obamacare
Creative free market alternatives are leading the way.
Ross Marchand | December 14, 2018
Four New Medical Technologies that are Awesome
Medical technology companies compete to out-innovate one another.
Ross Marchand | December 13, 2018
Where are the Death Spirals?
Mandate Repeal Shows that Healthcare is Better Off Without Government
The data shows that we simply don’t need something like the individual mandate.
Ross Marchand | December 11, 2018
Less Ownership
Will a Culture with Less Property be a Challenge for Millennials?
Americans own less stuff. From physical property to intangibles, Americans, especially millennials, are increasingly becoming renters instead of owners, which could be troubling news.
Ryan Khurana | December 7, 2018
The Many Facets of Privacy
How to Think About Privacy in Today’s Data-Driven World
It is not evil for a technology company to use the information you voluntarily share with them.
Jonathon Hauenschild | December 5, 2018
Should Chicago Officials Have the Power to Stop Development Projects?
The power to approve or disapprove of particular projects is a power to determine property rights for landowners.
Nick Zaiac | December 3, 2018
Ross Marchand | November 30, 2018
Election Bull, Election Bear
Policies Over Parties
Our stock market isn’t partisan.
Elliot Young | November 29, 2018