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Art Carden is a Research Fellow at the Independent Institute.
A Better Post-Election World?
Here Are Three Ideas For Improvement
Attempts to cross the political divide can have inspiring results.
Art Carden | November 13, 2018
Candy Kings
How Do Your Kids Create Wealth by Trading Halloween Candy?
We spent a lovely evening with friends last night, enjoying a lovely dinner of baked potatoes with homemade chili garnished with bits d’bacon and locally-sourced shredded cheddar—the nearest Target isn’t that far, after all—and served with a sour cream reduction. Even the kids, who had gathered in the downstairs playroom to trade…
Art Carden | November 7, 2018
Does Legalizing Weed Increase Home Values?
Legalizing retail sales of marijuana in Colorado increased housing values by about 6%.
The last decade has seen a slow move toward nationwide marijuana legalization. The Pew Research Center reported at the beginning of January that 61% of Americans support marijuana legalization.
Art Carden | September 24, 2018
What Can We Learn From 16th Century Pirates?
16th century pirates have a lesson to teach about free trade.
In the 1500s, Chinese imperial officials tried to Make China Great Again—or at least solidify their control over the empire—by vigorously prohibiting international trade. One of the unintended consequences? Increases in pirate raids on coastal cities. This 16th-century Chinese example shows us how people responded to trade restrictions specifically and how they respond to changing returns to productive and predatory activity more generally.
Art Carden | September 22, 2018