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Ben Wilterdink is a Research Fellow and Editor-in-Chief of Catalyst at the Independent Institute.
Is Gov Paranoid?
Spying for Your Protection
Gov’s got a problem. It turns out that people don’t always like being told what to do, even when Gov so obviously knows what’s best for them. But don’t worry, Gov has a plan. To make sure that everyone is protected, from terrorists or just themselves, Gov occasionally takes a look at all our cell phone data, online activity, and credit card transactions. That’s not paranoid right?
Ben Wilterdink | October 23, 2018
A License to Kill Jobs
Do You Have a Permit for That?
Starting a business is tough. Acquiring the skills necessary to succeed, attracting and retaining customers, and outcompeting the competition are not easy feats to accomplish. It can be even tougher once government regulations are thrown into the mix.
Ben Wilterdink | October 19, 2018
If Rent Control is Like Winning the Lottery, Who Buys the Losing Tickets?
When a property becomes subject to rent control, the first losers are the property owners. Stripped of their ability to freely negotiate rental agreements with prospective tenants, property owners usually see a decline in the value of their property, and many simply turn rental properties into condos or other kinds of housing that can be sold rather than rented.
Ben Wilterdink | October 10, 2018
Not Your Parents’ Cops
Are Neighborhood Police Officers Being Replaced?
For years, American police officers resembled that quintessential small-town cop Andy Griffith. Their mission, to protect and serve, only rarely called for automatic weapons and virtually never required military-style assault vehicles. Today, however, police officers look less like Andy Griffith and more like Judge Dredd.
Ben Wilterdink | October 8, 2018
My Rent Is Too High
Why renting a home is so expensive - A 5,000 Foot View.
I recently moved from a rather expensive neighborhood, Capitol Hill, in a relatively expensive city, Washington, D.C., to just outside San Francisco. I really had no idea what expensive was. I am currently renting a one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment for $1,810 per month, utilities included. Everyone I know out here assures me “it’s a steal.”
Ben Wilterdink | September 24, 2018
Increase Opportunities with Education Savings Accounts
Education Savings Accounts Provide Flexibility for Parents.
Many parents lament the quality of public schools in their area, but feel their children are trapped in those districts. For the 2015–2016 school year, America as a whole boasted a graduation rate of 84 percent, the highest in recent years.
Ben Wilterdink | September 24, 2018