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Jonathon Hauenschild is a Catalyst Policy Fellow and a nerd's nerd. He is currently a technology policy analyst for an Arlington, Virginia-based think tank, where he spends his days thinking about what innovations are next, how "privacy" impacts our daily lives, and about how Star Wars > Star Trek. When he is not writing about technology policy, you can probably find Jonathon on his porch smoking a fine cigar or pipe wishing he was in the mountains skiing.
Straight Talk on Privacy and Legal Harm
Individuals may not like that platforms have figured out how to monetize data, but that lack of “liking” is far from a legal injury.
Jonathon Hauenschild | January 24, 2019
The Many Facets of Privacy
How to Think About Privacy in Today’s Data-Driven World
It is not evil for a technology company to use the information you voluntarily share with them.
Jonathon Hauenschild | December 5, 2018