Biden Medicare “Reforms” are a Pillbox of Pain
Policymakers can put Medicare on a more sustainable path without harming taxpayers and patients
David Williams | March 28, 2023
True Spirit Lifted by Individual Courage, Tenacity, and Mental Toughness
Heroic sailing circumnavigation raises serious questions about parental responsibilities
Samuel R. Staley | March 28, 2023
How Government Lost 15 Million Acres of Public Land
Non-market allocations of resources are doomed to result in catastrophic waste and mismanagement, evidenced by a recent New York Times story exploring how ‘millions of acres of public lands aren’t really open to the public.’
Saul Zimet | March 21, 2023
Over a Million Students Left District Schools. Are They Learning?
If parents are satisfied with the quality of their children's learning environment, then the rest of us should be too.
Kerry McDonald | March 21, 2023
PBS Ignores Angela Davis’s Political Roots
Angela Davis was a member of the Communist Party USA, founded and funded by the Soviet Union
K. Lloyd Billingsley | March 13, 2023
Mask Mandates Didn’t Help, but It Gets Worse
We’ve learned a lot about mask effectiveness. But have we learned anything about means and ends?
Jon Miltimore | March 7, 2023
Unpopular Truths Need to Be Told
Freedom needs fearless truth-tellers
Dan Sanchez | March 7, 2023
How the AI Wars Are Proving That Google Isn’t a Monopoly
If Google is really a monopoly, why would investors be worried about a competitor developing a new product?
Danny Duchamp | February 28, 2023
The Assemblywomen by Aristophanes
The ancient Greek play that mercilessly (and hilariously) mocked socialism and democracy
Jon Miltimore | February 28, 2023