What the Environmental Quality Index says about Global Freedom
Where Energy is Produced Matters for Human Freedom and The Environment
Paige Lambermont | March 28, 2023
How Government Lost 15 Million Acres of Public Land
Non-market allocations of resources are doomed to result in catastrophic waste and mismanagement, evidenced by a recent New York Times story exploring how ‘millions of acres of public lands aren’t really open to the public.’
Saul Zimet | March 21, 2023
Japan Makes Good on Goal to Restart Nuclear Plants
And they don’t plan on stopping
Paige Lambermont | February 21, 2023
The Darien Gap Tragedy
The one unclosed gap in the route from North to South America is hazardous and economically costly.
Scott Beyer | February 13, 2023
Two Cheers for Approval of New OC Desalination Plant
California should put an end to the Coastal Commission
K. Lloyd Billingsley | October 22, 2022
Japan is Ready to Address the Energy Crisis
Japan’s nuclear reactor’s may be restarting sooner than expected
Paige Lambermont | September 6, 2022
California’s Forests are on Fire...Again
Suffering from the smoke from wildfires should not be a requirement for living in the West
Spenser Stenmark | August 23, 2022
Germany Needs to Keep Nuclear Power
The country’s last three units could be of great help during the country’s energy crisis
Paige Lambermont | August 17, 2022
Stop Subsidizing Homes in Flood Zones
The market will make clear what land is fit to live on
Scott Beyer | July 8, 2022