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To help the poor, we should do less.

Spend More or Spend Wiser?

Does more spending always lead to better results? Take our quiz to discover what types of educational investments lead to greater human capital.

December 11

In his recent book, The Case Against Education, George Mason University Professor of Economics Bryan Caplan asks readers a hypothetical question to illustrate the value of signaling vs. genuine education in the context of a 4-year university.

December 8

Take our quiz to find out just how much housing policy drives up the cost of rent.

Katherine Dwyer | November 28
Test Your Knowledge With This Quiz

Bound by a restraining order, Scott “Gov” Govinski has an epiphany: Why focus on just one person if you can “help” far more?

October 23
Do We Have Enough Policing in the United States?

Mary L. G. Theroux talks about overpolicing, the growth of Police Paramilitary Units (PPU), surveillance and overcriminalization.

October 16
Lessons From Edward Snowden Case and the NSA

Abby R. Hall analyzes the aftermath of NSA and Edward Snowden case scandal.

September 30
Find Out!

Love Gov: From First Date to Mandate tells the story of Alexis and Gov—a stand-in […]

September 22
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September 20
September 20