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What Can We Learn From 16th Century Pirates?
16th century pirates have a lesson to teach about free trade.
In the 1500s, Chinese imperial officials tried to Make China Great Again—or at least solidify their control over the empire—by vigorously prohibiting international trade. One of the unintended consequences? Increases in pirate raids on coastal cities. This 16th-century Chinese example shows us how people responded to trade restrictions specifically and how they respond to changing returns to productive and predatory activity more generally.
Art Carden | September 22, 2018
How Much Training Do I Need for This Job?
The government has a lot of good intentions in the job world.
The government has a lot of good intentions in the job world. Bureaucrats want to protect consumers, workers, and the environment. But in practice, they end up protecting people from jobs.
September 22, 2018
How a Charity Uses Fake Money and Auction Markets to Help Feed America
This nonprofit worked with economists to solve a knowledge problem.
Feeding America’s CEO recognized the mismatch between local and central knowledge, and was determined to solve the problem. Working with a group of local food bank directors and economists at the University of Chicago, they devised an ingenious solution involving fake money and a national online auction market, similar to EBay.
Lawrence McQuillan | September 22, 2018
Love Gov 2: Moving Out and Up
Season 2 | Episode 5
In this episode, Rebekah, Sam, and Katie agree to move out, but they keep hitting obstacles from Gov, including the prohibitive cost of living in the city.
September 22, 2018
Love Gov: Protection from Jobs
Episode 2 | Season 1
In this episode, Alexis wants to start a business and hire her friend Libby.
September 22, 2018