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Consumer Health Revolution is Coming, FDA Permitting
Consumer revolution in healthcare keeps costs low and quality high.
Ross Marchand | November 9, 2018
Why are CAT Scans Cheaper for Cats than Humans?
A Lesson on How to Lower Healthcare Costs
When pets need medical attention, they often benefit from the same tools, machines, and expertise that humans use at the doctor’s office or hospital. The difference, though, is cost. While humans haven’t managed to bend the “cost curve” down in medicine, veterinary medicine becomes cheaper and cheaper with the passage of time.
Ross Marchand | October 29, 2018
Hacking Mosquitoes to Save Lives
How Innovation is Being Harnessed to Take on Deadly Diseases at the Source
Hacking pests could be a turning point in defeating some deadly diseases and saving millions of lives worldwide. It could also end the need for conventional spraying campaigns.
Lawrence McQuillan | October 16, 2018
8 Ways We Can Insure The Uninsured
Is there a way to achieve affordable, universal coverage?
The American healthcare system is in desperate need of reform. But is there a way to achieve affordable universal coverage?
Catalyst | October 3, 2018
Welcome to Catalyst!
The internet can be a noisy place. Sometimes just logging into social media feels like stepping onto a battlefield, except nobody knows who’s on which team and what the teams even mean anymore.
Catalyst | September 30, 2018
Shouldn’t Healthcare Be Fair?
Fairness means we are all treated the same.
Should our tax code play favorites with health insurance based on where it comes from? How has allowing selective tax relief for employer-provided health insurance affected the broader health insurance market?
John R. Graham | September 29, 2018
Telemedicine Is Popular: Why Isn’t It Everywhere?
Will telemedicine revolutionize the healthcare industry?
Telemedicine, the use of telecommunication technology to help administer medical care, is often credited with “radically changing” the healthcare market. Some have credited telemedicine with revolutionizing healthcare delivery, private practice, and outpatient care among other components of healthcare.
Raymond J. March | September 24, 2018
Does Legalizing Weed Increase Home Values?
Legalizing retail sales of marijuana in Colorado increased housing values by about 6%.
The last decade has seen a slow move toward nationwide marijuana legalization. The Pew Research Center reported at the beginning of January that 61% of Americans support marijuana legalization.
Art Carden | September 24, 2018
Shouldn’t Healthcare be Portable?
Why should you lose your health insurance if you leave your job?
Why should you lose your health insurance if you leave your job? Where and how did this practice start, and how can we begin decoupling employment and health insurance?
Lawrence McQuillan | September 24, 2018
Medical Apps: Improving Healthcare on a Global Scale
Around 70% of all health problems can be handled online.
A recent survey of physician wait times in the United States found the average wait time for a new patient to see a physician in 15 metropolitan areas has increased 30 percent since 2014.
Raymond J. March | September 24, 2018