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Right-to-Try Is Just What the Doctor Ordered
Right-to-Try opens new doors for terminally ill patients.
Those who defame right-to-try are quick to defend the FDA, insisting its current role protects consumers. Even in life-and-death situations, its opponents maintain should be made.
Raymond J. March | September 23, 2018
Telemedicine Will Revolutionize Healthcare
Since 2014, wait times for new patients to see a physician have increased 30 percent.
Telemedicine, the use of telecommunication technology to help administer medical care, is often credited with “radically changing” the healthcare market. Some have credited telemedicine with revolutionizing healthcare delivery, private practice, and outpatient care among other components of healthcare. Take a look at the numbers.
Raymond J. March | September 22, 2018
Love Gov 2: Young, Sick, and Broke
Season 2 | Episode 2
Three desperate young adults, Rebekah, Katie, and Sam accept Gov’s conditions, move into his housing and try to make it home.
Catalyst | September 22, 2018
Love Gov: A Remedy for Healthcare Choices
Episode 3 | Season 1
In this episode, Alexis needs a new health insurance plan, but the options are so confusing. Here comes Gov to protect her from choices!
Catalyst | September 22, 2018