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Is Gov Paranoid?
Spying for Your Protection
Gov’s got a problem. It turns out that people don’t always like being told what to do, even when Gov so obviously knows what’s best for them. But don’t worry, Gov has a plan. To make sure that everyone is protected, from terrorists or just themselves, Gov occasionally takes a look at all our cell phone data, online activity, and credit card transactions. That’s not paranoid right?
Ben Wilterdink | October 23, 2018
Not Your Parents’ Cops
Are Neighborhood Police Officers Being Replaced?
For years, American police officers resembled that quintessential small-town cop Andy Griffith. Their mission, to protect and serve, only rarely called for automatic weapons and virtually never required military-style assault vehicles. Today, however, police officers look less like Andy Griffith and more like Judge Dredd.
Ben Wilterdink | October 8, 2018
Welcome to Catalyst!
The internet can be a noisy place. Sometimes just logging into social media feels like stepping onto a battlefield, except nobody knows who’s on which team and what the teams even mean anymore.
Catalyst | September 30, 2018
Guard Your Liberty
Are you willing to give up your liberty for safety?
One of the greatest threats to freedom is indifference by those who possess it. In the aftermath of shootings, terror attacks, wars, and other unsettling geopolitical events, the political elite frequently confronts citizens with a supposed tradeoff between liberty and “safety.”
Abigail R. Hall | September 24, 2018
Love Gov 2: Spyin’ and Lyin’
Season 2 | Episode 4
Rebekah discovers that something is wrong about Gov and his driven passion for spying on and messing up the lives of others.
Catalyst | September 22, 2018
Love Gov: Keeping a Close Eye on Privacy
Episode 5 | Season 1
In this episode, Alexis thinks she’s being spied on. With her being this paranoid, Gov really needs to keep an eye on her!
Catalyst | September 22, 2018