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As Patients Enter New Decade, Obamacare Remains in the Rear View Mirror
By allowing more choice, policymakers can give patients a chance to enjoy this new year and many more to come.
Ross Marchand | January 10, 2020
The New College Scorecard Gets a C- on Its Report Card
Despite some useful insights, the new report card should be easier and more valuable to use.
Richard Vedder | January 9, 2020
Upzoning Bills: Free-market Policy or Government Coercion?
The Latest Housing Bills Have Been Mischaracterized as Something that “Forces” Growth onto the Suburbs.
Scott Beyer | January 8, 2020
Thanks to Crony Capitalism, Healthcare Competition Is Flatlining for Consumers
It’s time to end these crony practices and bring back some much-needed competition to the healthcare sector.
Ross Marchand | January 7, 2020
Don’t Bet Only on the Sun and the Wind
If we want to live in a new energy future, nuclear power and “carbon capture utilization and storage” are keys to the door.
William F. Shughart II | January 6, 2020
Chick-fil-A’s Awkward Adolescence
Will Chick-fil-A suffer the same rebuff that generally greets teenage would-be social climbers?
Mary Theroux | January 4, 2020
From the Russia Investigation to FBI Mass Surveillance, Government Snooping Is Out of Control
The best way to curb government malfeasance is by limiting the scope of warrants and surveillance in the first place.
Ross Marchand | January 3, 2020
Does Collegiate Athletic Excellence Promote Academic Excellence?
As budgets become tighter, athletic subsidies become less defensible.
Richard Vedder | January 2, 2020
What’s With All the Empty Condos?
Empty Luxury Units at the Top End of the Market Do Not Signal a Housing Glut.
Scott Beyer | January 1, 2020
Decrying Income Inequality Is a Harmful Tactic That Will Make Us All Worse Off
Income equality is far from the best measure of progress or prosperity.
Edward P. Stringham | December 31, 2019