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Telemedicine Shows the Free Market’s Innovative Capacity
What the 2020 telemedicine revolution has done for Americans
Michael Huling | July 14, 2021
Will The Police Officer Who Flipped Woman’s SUV Face Charges?
When government officers violate the rights of citizens, they are flipping upside-down the very purpose of their job and of the American government
Olivia Rondeau | July 13, 2021
Restaurant Apologizes to Patrons and Roasts Government
Small businesses like Taco Loco—and their customers—are suffering the consequences of big government failure
Brad Polumbo | July 13, 2021
Shoplifting Shutters Target and Walgreens in San Francisco
The city’s enforcement against shoplifters has dwindled, and these are the results
Brad Polumbo | July 6, 2021
California COVID-19 Policies Are Still Hurting Students
Students should have been the first group of Americans allowed to return to regular behavior, so why are restrictions still in place?
Conor Norris | July 6, 2021
How Higher Wages Could Cripple The Restaurant Industry
How the cost of labor at restaurants effects food prices for everyone
Kevin Boyd | June 29, 2021
Restaurants Are Now Adding ‘Equity’ Charges
Will making customers pay “equity” charges backfire? Probably
Jon Miltimore | June 29, 2021
Why Do Colleges Seem to Dislike Men?
The tale of the disappearing collegiate male
Richard Vedder | June 29, 2021
Working Class Hurt by Lockdowns but Elites Unscathed
The picture painted by new Harvard University data is one of working-class destruction
Brad Polumbo | June 22, 2021
Governor Newsom Poses Shocking Pandemic Power Grab
He is stretching state law so far he deserves an Olympic gold medal in gymnastics
Brad Polumbo | June 17, 2021