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How Costly Are Your State’s Regulations?
The Mercatus Center’s RegData project quantifies rules and regulations down to the state level.
Craig Eyermann | December 3, 2019
The Emerging New Face of Affordable Health Care
There is relatively little Washington can do to reduce costs without triggering other ill effects.
Conor Norris | December 2, 2019
Why Do We Have Business or Education Schools in Universities?
The broader question is: should universities be sophisticated trade schools, preparing students for specific vocations?
Richard Vedder | November 30, 2019
Telemedicine Continues to Reach New Heights
Thankfully, telemedicine provides solutions for many who might otherwise suffer healthcare-access woes.
Raymond J. March | November 29, 2019
A Smartphone Privacy Starter-Kit
Practical tips for protecting the personal information on your phone.
Admin | November 28, 2019
The Fauxvironmentalists of San Francisco
Self-styled Climate Activists Throughout the Bay Area Block Dense Infill Housing, Even Though That Increases Sprawl
Scott Beyer | November 27, 2019
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly from Our Nation’s Report Card
Students' scores suggest that American education is not beyond repair, but it is backsliding at great cost.
Kristiana Bolzman | November 26, 2019
What South Park Gets Right About Government Regulation
One storyline provides an excellent explanation of how the regulatory process often works in the real world.
Conor Norris | November 25, 2019
Civil Libertarians Worry that Facial Recognition Tech Is Inaccurate, but Fears May Worsen After It’s Perfected
When a government can flawlessly track individuals, the state becomes efficient at singling out its opponents.
Jonathan Hofer | November 23, 2019
Did Midas Touch Medicare?
Despite its positive reputation, Medicare isn’t exactly a harbinger of health.
Ross Marchand | November 22, 2019