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Misperceptions of COVID Risk and the Media
How consuming media has made us misinformed
Conor Norris | November 2, 2020
Bipartisan Support for Licensing Reform
No matter who is elected in 2020, licensing reform will win
Conor Norris | November 2, 2020
No, Daring to Be Against Lockdowns Is Not “Anti-Science”
The Great Barrington Declaration suggests locking down is not necessarily the “right” solution
Luka Ladan | October 31, 2020
$19 Billion Wasted in Afghanistan Nation-Building
A new report offers a glimpse into one of America's many vastly expensive and failed projects
Brad Polumbo | October 27, 2020
How To Stop Polarization From Tearing the Country Apart
When another person’s vote has the ability to wield enormous power over your life and make sweeping changes in your community, that is going to lead to hostility
Hannah Cox | October 26, 2020
Big Tech’s Problem with the NY Post Hunter Biden
Silicon Valley Tried to censor the NY Post’s Hunter Biden story, instead they the Streisand Effect
Brad Polumbo | October 26, 2020
America’s Two Different Roads to Economic Recovery
Evidence suggests the disparity in unemployment stems in large part from the different ways states are approaching the coronavirus
Jon Miltimore | October 20, 2020
Elon Musk on Lockdowns: ‘Sweden Was Right’
Instead of rebuking Sweden and states such as South Dakota, we should be thanking them.
Jon Miltimore | October 19, 2020
Movies to Queue During the Supreme Court Ruckus
Educational entertainment for those who need a break from this news cycle
Samuel R. Staley | October 17, 2020
National Debt Will Explode Under Biden or Trump
A new report shows the national debt just keeps getting worse. There’s only one way to get us out of this mess
Brad Polumbo | October 12, 2020