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A “Great Stagnation” for Bureaucrats
Even as President Trump leads a deregulatory drive, many downright-ludicrous bureaucratic actions proceed unchecked.
Ross Marchand | August 6, 2019
3 Challenges Resulting from Oregon’s Student Mental Health Law
Before following Oregon’s example, states should take a second look at the impact on student academic success, mental wellbeing, and skill development.
Kristiana Bolzman | August 5, 2019
The Capitalist Achievement of Recorded Music
It’s worth stepping back and considering just what liberal, capitalist, "in-it-for-the-money," free market societies have done, and for whose benefit.
Art Carden | August 3, 2019
Would You Buy a Used Car from a College President?
As the environment for universities worsens financially and in other ways, the job of being a college president is getting tougher.
Richard Vedder | August 2, 2019
SpaceX Takes First Step into Telecommunication Companies’ Turf
The accomplishment serves as yet another example of technological advancements spurring competition in a free-market economy and benefiting consumers.
Anil Niraula | August 1, 2019
Learning From the Good Food Movement
The gradual rollback of federal and state laws helped facilitate the flourishing of American cuisine today.
Eli Lehrer | July 31, 2019
Our Healthcare Sector Needs Reform, Not the Guillotine
Instead of reinventing the wheel, policymakers should work to reduce costs and bureaucracy within the current system.
Ross Marchand | July 30, 2019
As Millennials Embrace Socialism, Here Are 3 Facts You May Not Know
Too much of today’s debate over government programs occurs in the realm of goals and omits any discussion of costs
Luka Ladan | July 29, 2019
Was There Value in the Space Race?
Despite its scientific brilliance, its human drama, Apollo is, in a sense, a relic of the Cold War.
Mike M. Moore | July 27, 2019
There Is No One Answer to Rule Them All
If we really respect people’s liberty, dignity, and autonomy, we will work to expand their options rather than limit them.
Art Carden | July 26, 2019