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Energy Crisis Deepens in the United Kingdom
What’s causing the energy crisis that’s hitting Europe right now?
Paige Lambermont | October 26, 2021
Pope Francis Wrong About Corporate ‘Greed,’ and Inflation
With such a massive platform, the pope has an obligation to better inform himself before wading into economics affairs
Brad Polumbo | October 20, 2021
The Infrastructure Bill Deciding the Fate of Cryptocurrency
Congress should not be able to decide the fate of the entire crypto industry through a last-minute provision slipped into a must-pass bill
Nicholas Anthony | October 20, 2021
The PATRIOT Act Should Have Ended With Afghanistan
Biden ended Bush’s failed war; he should end Bush’s failed surveillance state, too
Jonathan Hofer | October 12, 2021
Recent NIMBY Move Could Leave California in the Dark
California legislators have not only cut ties with reality—failing to see that they’re heading for ever more blackouts—they also want to cut their citizens’ last lifeline to reliable power when blackouts inevitably occur
Jon Hersey | October 7, 2021
More Marijuana Regulation Is Always a Bad Idea
While different stakeholders in the marijuana or hemp production ecosystem have the noble intention of streamlining the process, urging for more regulations is an inefficient and costly option
Revana Sharfuddin | October 6, 2021
Economist Explains Problem With Minting $1 Trillion
Here's why the fantastical notion of a trillion-dollar coin appearing out of thin air to pay the bills is so appealing—and perilous
Brad Polumbo | October 6, 2021
Snowden and Dorsey: What Happened in 1971
Something huge happened in 1971. And both Edward Snowden and Jack Dorsey are asking the same question
Jon Miltimore | September 29, 2021
3d Printed Homes: A Fix for Global Housing Problems?
With faster construction times, cheaper costs, and sturdier material, 3D printing can boost living standards in the developing world
Scott Beyer | September 23, 2021
Special Interests are Again Pushing for Biofuel Subsidies
Lobbyists have managed to further imbalance the energy playing field and consumers will front the bill
Paige Lambermont | September 22, 2021