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Locked Out of Job Opportunities
Too often, occupational licensing laws are used to ban all former convicts from the ability to legally participate in the licensed occupation.
Conor Norris | July 25, 2019
Let Us Have Lemonade
Legalizing Home-based Businesses to Make the Most of Summer
Homeowners who want to sell something to their neighbors face a gauntlet of laws, permits, and inspections that sap the will and wallets of would-be entrepreneurs.
Nick Zaiac | July 24, 2019
3 Improvements to Career and Technical Education Funding
The Department of Education updated a key funding program for career and technical education, but educators should recognize its value even without federal support.
Kristiana Bolzman | July 23, 2019
In a United Nations Report, a Socialist Details Venezuela’s Horrors
Those in love with chavista-style fascism have tried to justify the regime by denying that it was a police state, but the new report ends this charade.
Alvaro Vargas Llosa | July 22, 2019
Trump and Newsom Think Alike on Deadly Wildfires
Both President Trump and Governor Newsom propose easing environmental regulations for forest-thinning to speed up wildfire prevention.
Lawrence McQuillan | July 19, 2019
Regulators Must Recognize New Technologies’ Benefits
Various recognition software has a bright future if government can prevent its abuse and allow free enterprise to take the lead.  
Ross Marchand | July 18, 2019
Is a College Degree Necessary? A Tale of Three Students
In many cases, the residential nature of college is key to most of the collegiate contribution to student success.
Richard Vedder | July 17, 2019
Are Intelligent Machines Coming for Your Job and Your Wages?
If technology were going to lead to widespread immiseration, it probably would have happened already.
Art Carden | July 16, 2019
America’s Garbage ‘Problem’ Concocted by Trashy Data
The United States - and other Western countries - largely keep their trash out of ecology’s way.
Ross Marchand | July 15, 2019
Yesterday, the Beatles, and the Value of Earned Success
The movie succeeds in entertaining, but it succeeds on another level as well by exploring the meaning and the dignity of work. 
Samuel R. Staley | July 13, 2019