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If Teen Vaping Is Bad, the Alternative Is Worse
The FDA’s efforts to reduce teen vaping rates will likely result in worse health outcomes by prompting teens to switch to smoking cigarettes.
Raymond J. March | January 9, 2019
A Bitter Tax to Swallow
A Sin Tax Takes its Toll in Philadelphia
Ben Wilterdink | January 8, 2019
Native Americans Deserve Better Than Socialized Medicine
Socialized medicine in America has failed, and we need more of a free-market, not less.
Ross Marchand | January 3, 2019
Happy New Year!
From All of Us at Catalyst
January 1, 2019
Machines Won’t Steal Your Job
But Might Revamp Your Skill Sets
Anil Niraula | December 31, 2018
The Double Thank You of Gifts and the Market
“Profit is the gift when creation is perfect.”
Ryan Khurana | December 24, 2018
Revive For-Profit Higher Education
Competition Boosts Choices and Opportunities
Richard Vedder | December 21, 2018
Evaporating Vaping Options
The FDA Moves to Regulate Away Consumer Choices
Raymond J. March | December 20, 2018
Nick Zaiac | December 18, 2018
Need Health Care?
Look Beyond Obamacare
Ross Marchand | December 14, 2018