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Healthcare Needs Price Competition, Not Just Transparency
Efforts to make healthcare costs more transparent are a good start. But transparency is no substitute for competition.
Raymond J. March | March 28, 2019
Three Better Ideas Than a Vacant Storefront Tax for San Francisco
Commercial vacancy is a problem for SF neighborhoods. But the solution isn’t more government. It’s less.
Cathy Reisenwitz | March 27, 2019
E-Scooters and E-Bikes are Redefining Urban Transportation
An Innovation Policymakers Should Embrace
Anil Niraula | March 26, 2019
War on Cancer Progress Depends on Market Innovation
The private sector tends to do a better job of finding the “sweet spot” for research spending, leading to blockbuster new drugs and innovation.
Ross Marchand | March 23, 2019
Captive State Probes Depths of Despair Under Oppression
When working at their highest level, science fiction movies provoke and engage in ideas fundamental to human existence.
Samuel R. Staley | March 22, 2019
Better Angels Debates
An answer to the growing concern about the constrictive nature of speech and diversity of opinion on college campuses.
Alexandra Hudson | March 21, 2019
The February Jobs Report and What It Could Mean for the Economy
Are we entering a labor market slide or is it just a glitch?
Anil Niraula | March 20, 2019
Rent Control Will Hurt Oregon Renters
Oregon becomes the first state to pass statewide rent control law.
Art Carden | March 19, 2019
Swedish Model Is Far Better Than American Trillion Dollar Deficits
If left-wing Swedish politicians can boldly cut spending and taxes, the Trump administration and Congress have no excuse.
Ross Marchand | March 18, 2019
Gov. DeSantis Should Prioritize School Choice
School-choice moms are watching—and they’ll be at the ballot box in 2020.
Kristiana Bolzman | March 17, 2019