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Black Widow Boasts Strong Themes and Performances
The new Marvel film's familial intimacy and knockout acting lift the action blockbuster
Samuel R. Staley | August 17, 2021
Free Market Solutions to the Opioid Epidemic
As the epidemic of opioid misuse worsens, laws and government force aren't proper solutions
Chloe Anagnos | August 17, 2021
Censoring Misinformation Could Threaten Free Speech
Government using private companies to restrict speech is a threat to free speech
Kevin Boyd | August 17, 2021
Don’t Envy Rihanna’s Billion Dollar Empire. Celebrate It!
Rihanna’s rise from a poor immigrant from Barbados to global star to billionaire entrepreneur reveals the enduring power and reality of the American Dream
Jon Miltimore | August 11, 2021
The CDC Just Proved Milton Friedman Right (Again!)
The agency's 'temporary' eviction moratorium is a ticking time bomb that's getting bigger with every delay.
Brad Polumbo | August 10, 2021
Hydropower Wanes Amid a Dry Year in the American West
A Western drought year spells trouble for the region's usually reliable hydropower
Paige Lambermont | August 10, 2021
The Problem with a Federal Infrastructure Bill
Bipartisan enthusiasm in Congress for more infrastructure spending ignores the economic and political fundamentals.
Scott Beyer | August 10, 2021
The ACLU Claims the Second Amendment Is Racist
But to date, black Americans are more likely than any other group to suffer the adverse impacts of gun control laws.
Olivia Rondeau & Hannah Cox | August 4, 2021
Catalyst Book Review: The Narrow Corridor
Daron Acemoglu and James A. Robinson analyze development economics through the lens of liberty
Revana Sharfuddin | August 4, 2021
Zoomers Are Focused on Finances
Generation Z isn't waiting for a college degree to secure their financial future
Chloe Anagnos | August 3, 2021