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Nothing Protects Tenants Better than Adding Supply
Even the strongest tenant protections can’t do the job of a housing market where landlords compete for tenants and not the other way around.
Cathy Reisenwitz | September 2, 2019
How Government Prolonged the Lobotomy
While the lobotomy offers a cautionary tale of medicine gone astray, it should also provide a cautionary tale of the harmful consequences of state-assisted health policies.
Raymond J. March | August 31, 2019
School Voucher Kids More Likely to Graduate From College
Catalyst Policy Fellow Kristiana Bolzman highlights the findings of an important new study over at Choice Media TV.
Kristiana Bolzman | August 30, 2019
Airport’s Ban on Plastic Water Bottles a Flight of Fancy
Environmental Research suggests that over 90 percent of all the plastic waste in the ocean flows into it from just 10 rivers, none of them in the United States.
Craig Eyermann | August 29, 2019
New Study Finds FDA in Contempt of the U.S. Constitution
The vast majority of agency regulations were passed by “low-level officials and employees with no authority to issue rules.”
Raymond J. March | August 28, 2019
Looking for a Booze-Fueled Tour of the Unfree World? Try ‘Socialism Sucks’
Socialism Sucks is definitely not the kind of dry academic treatment for which economists are (in)famous.
Art Carden | August 27, 2019
“Free” College Systems: 3 Downsides to Consider
While tuition cost may not be a barrier to student success in "free-college" systems, other barriers are well-worth acknowledging.
Kristiana Bolzman | August 26, 2019
Blame California’s Housing Shortage on Dubious Regulations
California's housing shortage is a political choice, just as are many of its other problems.
Craig Eyermann | August 24, 2019
Coding Academies and the Future of Higher Education
Unlike in traditional higher education, the student’s interests are very closely aligned with that of the school.
Richard Vedder | August 23, 2019
With the Right Reforms, Gene Therapy Can Cure Millions
Gene therapies carry tremendous potential, but this upside can only be realized via the comprehensive and coordinated reform of federal policies.
Ross Marchand | August 22, 2019