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Markets Can Handle Climate Change
The private sector is quietly finding innovative ways to limit the rise in the average global temperature.
William F. Shughart II | July 1, 2019
The Growth in Tuition Insurance
As college expenses become bigger, the case for purchasing insurance has grown.
Richard Vedder | June 30, 2019
Playing Fast and Loose with the Economic Facts
Many of the most popular tropes are based on findings that are misleading at best and outright false at worst.
Ben Wilterdink | June 29, 2019
Our Titanic Healthcare System Needs Real Reform, Not Deck Chair Shuffling
Rather than debating who should pay for high medical bills, policymakers should focus on reducing costs.
Ross Marchand | June 28, 2019
In-Class Technology
Too Much of a Good Thing?
Students perform best with low or moderate levels of computer usage per day, prompting caution about pinning hopes or dollars on its use in class.
Kristiana Bolzman | June 27, 2019
Contra Foreign Travel Fearmongering, It’s Never Been Safer to Go Abroad
We should celebrate an ever-safer travel industry that creates jobs and opportunities for millions in the U.S. and overseas.
Ross Marchand | June 26, 2019
Historic Landmark Status Punishes Manhattan’s Iconic Strand Bookstore
The store has a new “partner,” the Preservation Commission, which has authority to block, alter, and delay business decisions.
Lawrence McQuillan | June 25, 2019
In Defense of Blowouts
People Respond to Incentives, Even on the Soccer Field
Are incentives always and everywhere decisive? No, but they definitely guide and change people’s behavior.
Art Carden | June 22, 2019
No Home When You Get Out
Zoning Reform for the Formerly Incarcerated
To ensure there are enough low-cost units on the market to house the formerly incarcerated as they return to their communities, towns and cities need to permit construction of low-cost housing typologies.
Nick Zaiac | June 21, 2019
Walmart Models Next-Level Business-Education Partnership
By working with educators to shape classes and degree programs to teach the skills they value, employers could build the workforce they need, often from within their existing labor force.
Kristiana Bolzman | June 20, 2019