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News Deserts Lead to Loss of Engagement
"Out of print" carries new meanings for the individuals trying to feel at home during isolating times
Pooja Bachani Di Giovanna  | March 25, 2021
Doctors Predict ‘International Epidemic’ of Child Suicide
The damage we’re inflicting on children is too devastating to be waved away in the name of public health—it’s quickly becoming an emergency in its own right
Brad Polumbo | March 25, 2021
Americans Misinformed About COVID Hospitalization
A recent Gallup survey found that more than one-third of Americans believe that at least half of those infected with COVID-19 require hospitalization.
Jon Miltimore | March 24, 2021
Woke Educators Declare Objective Math White Supremacy
Here’s how parents can push back on the alarming ideology that’s infecting our children’s classrooms
Kerry McDonald | March 15, 2021
Walmart and Costco Raise Hourly Wages Above $15
The free market, not the government, is what truly uplifts workers in the long run
Patrick Carroll | March 15, 2021
How the Loss of the Outer Circle Has Changed Community
What has happened to our extended network of workplace peers and what you can do about it
Pooja Bachani Di Giovanna  | March 9, 2021
Ditch Minimum Wages for Wage Subsidies and Competition
Of the options on the table, raising the minimum wage to $15 is the worst
Akiva Malamet | March 9, 2021
How Is Small Business America? Struggling, But Hopeful
Pro-business policies are needed to spur business expansion and job creation
Luka Ladan | March 3, 2021
10 Crazy Examples of Waste in New COVID-19 Bill
The only real solution to this corruption is to shrink the government itself—and leave fewer of our resources for unscrupulous politicians to pilfer away
Brad Polumbo | March 1, 2021
Getting Conned by COVID-19 CON Laws
How Iowa prevented a hospital from expanding... during a pandemic
Conor Norris | March 1, 2021