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An Alzheimer’s Cure May Be On the Horizon—But Only With Right-Sized Regulations
The FDA could and should be more open-minded in evaluating the evidence in its drug approval decisions.
Ross Marchand | December 16, 2019
Understanding Elizabeth Warren’s Radical Wealth Tax
Warren’s proposed wealth taxes will have devastating consequences on capital formation.
Robert P. Murphy | December 14, 2019
Why Don’t Climate Change Alarmists Promote Nuclear Power?
If we need to take action now to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, there is no surer way to do it than to build nuclear power plants.
Randall G. Holcombe | December 13, 2019
Three Encouraging Takeaways from the State of College Admissions
At least in some ways, higher education is learning from its mistakes and is improving its admissions processes for tomorrow’s applicants.
Kristiana Bolzman | December 12, 2019
Is There a Model Zoning Code?
Zoning Has Done More Harm than Good in America. But the Code Rewrite in Bastrop, TX Takes Zoning in a More Liberalized Direction.
How can zoning be reformed to better enable market outcomes and reduce its high social costs?
Scott Beyer | December 11, 2019
New FDA Commissioner, Same FDA Problem
The most beneficial regulations the new FDA commissioner can implement, by far, will be restrictions on the FDA itself.
Raymond J. March | December 10, 2019
Myth-Busting: Small Business Edition
Contrary to what many Millennials believe, the business community isn’t here to ruin Christmas.
Luka Ladan | December 9, 2019
Neo-Noir “Motherless Brooklyn” Puts Power, Corruption at Center of Urban Renewal Story
Motherless Brooklyn might well contend for the most pro-liberty film to come out of Hollywood in 2019.
Samuel R. Staley | December 7, 2019
An International Agency Could Erode American Liberties on U.S. Taxpayers’ Dime
Attorney-client privilege is a cornerstone of Western law and is worth preserving.
Ross Marchand | December 6, 2019
The New Campus Deplorables
The gap between the thinking of the intelligentsia and the broader public has sharply widened in recent times.
Richard Vedder | December 5, 2019