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Intellectual Gerrymandering: ‘E Unum Pluribus’ on Campus
Merit and individual accomplishment are downplayed, group identity emphasized.
Richard Vedder | October 17, 2019
Peseros: A Look Inside Mexico City’s Private Bus Network
CDMX Shows That, With the Right Conditions, Private Transit Can Emerge That Is Fast, Cheap, and Ubiquitous.
Not only has private transit proven to be profitable worldwide, but it does so despite government harassment.
Scott Beyer | October 16, 2019
New York City: The Front Line of Minimum Wage Misery
Across the five boroughs, restaurants are feeling the pain from burdensome government mandates.
Luka Ladan | October 15, 2019
The Policy Circle Bringing Women Into the National Conversation
The Policy Circle is more than a book group for future public leaders; it celebrates discussion, debate, and self-education in important topics for its own sake.
Alexandra Hudson | October 14, 2019
California Wants to Teach Your Kids that Capitalism Is Racist
It is difficult to comprehend the depth and breadth of the ideological bias and misrepresentations without reading the whole curriculum.
Williamson M. Evers | October 12, 2019
Price Gouging Laws Are Knowledge Embargoes That Should Be Repealed
Prices transmit crucial knowledge about what is wanted where and how urgently.
Art Carden | October 11, 2019
Three Education Lawsuits Worth Watching
Three cases have the potential to shape the future of religious freedom, due process, and freedom of speech in education
Kristiana Bolzman | October 10, 2019
What Urban America Can Learn From Mexico City’s Best Areas
Well-designed City Streets Improve Neighborhood Value. Why Don’t More U.S. Cities Create Them?
The attractiveness of the urban realm is an under-appreciated factor in neighborhood value.
Scott Beyer | October 9, 2019
There’s a Lack of Expertise on Capitol Hill. That’s Okay.
In-house expertise often stymies genuine intellectual debate by giving a single analysis an official stamp of approval.
Ross Marchand | October 8, 2019
How Rent Control Threatens the American Dream
There is a very real shortage of affordable housing across America’s most dynamic areas, but rent control is an ineffective solution to this problem.
Ben Wilterdink | October 7, 2019