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Power Creep and the Perils of Pandemic Politics
Civilians and government officials alike struggle to agree on how to react to COVID-19
Andrew Di Giovanna | April 27, 2020
U.S. Should Fund Worthy Public Health Organizations, Not the WHO
Doctors Without Borders Far More Effective Than International Bureaucrats
Ross Marchand | April 24, 2020
The State of U.S. Trucking: a Q&A with Rachel Premack
I spoke with the Business Insider reporter on how trucking is affected by federal policy, technology, coronavirus and more.
Scott Beyer | April 22, 2020
Infection Surveillance in the Name of Public Health
Singapore-Style Disease Surveillance Poses Fourth Amendment Question For Americans
Jonathan Hofer | April 21, 2020
Make American Colleges Grade Again!
A Case for More Meritocracy at American Universities
Richard Vedder | April 17, 2020
Stimulus 101: The U.S. Economy Depends on Large Corporations
Why “Big Business vs. The People” is a Misleading Narrative—Now More Than Ever
Luka Ladan | April 16, 2020
Towards a Free-Market for Curb Space
If city governments auction out usage of their curbs, it would create far better private transit.
Scott Beyer | April 14, 2020
SF Government Officials Continue Clueless Homeless Practices During CoronaCrisis
The vulnerability of the homeless population has been in the news for weeks, yet the government has yet to devise any cohesive strategy.
Mary Theroux | April 10, 2020
Could Skateboarding Become a Valid Transport Option?
College campuses, and to a lesser degree, cities, could make way for this growing micro-mobility form
Scott Beyer | April 9, 2020
Postal Service Could Learn a Thing or Two from Private Shippers’ Pandemic Response
Private shippers seem to have a better handle on keeping their workers and consumers safe from Coronavirus than the USPS.
Ross Marchand | April 3, 2020