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Native Americans Deserve Better Than Socialized Medicine
Socialized medicine in America has failed, and we need more of a free-market, not less.
Ross Marchand | January 3, 2019
Happy New Year!
From All of Us at Catalyst
January 1, 2019
Machines Won’t Steal Your Job
But Might Revamp Your Skill Sets
Anil Niraula | December 31, 2018
The Double Thank You of Gifts and the Market
“Profit is the gift when creation is perfect.”
Ryan Khurana | December 24, 2018
Revive For-Profit Higher Education
Competition Boosts Choices and Opportunities
Richard Vedder | December 21, 2018
Evaporating Vaping Options
The FDA Moves to Regulate Away Consumer Choices
Raymond J. March | December 20, 2018
Nick Zaiac | December 18, 2018
Need Health Care?
Look Beyond Obamacare
Ross Marchand | December 14, 2018
Four New Medical Technologies that are Awesome
Medical technology companies compete to out-innovate one another.
Ross Marchand | December 13, 2018
Where are the Death Spirals?
Mandate Repeal Shows that Healthcare is Better Off Without Government
Ross Marchand | December 11, 2018