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Corporate Media’s New Strategy: Blame The Media!
Journalists blame themselves for Biden's sagging approval rating 
Brady Leonard | December 14, 2021
Restaurant Owner Who Defied Lockdowns Sentenced
Minnesota restaurant owner Lisa Hanson is currently behind bars. Her story is not over, however.
Jon Miltimore | December 14, 2021
Why I Stopped Donating to Harvard, My Alma Mater
For the first time since graduation, I did not donate to either of my alma maters, Harvard or Bowdoin College. Here's why.
Kerry McDonald | December 9, 2021
Virginian Parents: It’s The Children, Stupid
Virginians vote to protect their kids, not just their bank accounts.
Brady Leonard | December 8, 2021
In Defense of Space Billionaires
The ultra-wealthy are going into space, and why that's a good thing
Paige Lambermont | December 3, 2021
Meet the Millions of “Overlooked” Students in the US
Hybrid schools may be able to meet the needs of many of the millions of students exiting or seeking exit from their school system
Eric Wearne | November 24, 2021
America Finally Admits Recycling Doesn’t Work
It’s time to admit the recycling mania is a giant placebo
Jon Miltimore | November 23, 2021
Are We Too Distracted to Notice Inflation?
Nearly 20% of U.S. dollars were printed in 2020, what now?
Randall G. Holcombe | November 18, 2021
Why Europe Has At-home Tests And the US Doesn’t
Rather than a market failure, our at-home testing shortage is another government failure
Conor Norris | November 18, 2021
You Don’t Need Qualifications to Homeschool Your Kids
If you can do these three simple things, you’re already qualified to be a homeschooling parent
Hannah Frankman | November 15, 2021