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The Mask Madness of Big Government
Homemade masks would not be necessary if the CDC had a supply of masks readily available for mass distribution.
K. Lloyd Billingsley | April 2, 2020
How the U.S. Government Destroyed Black Neighborhoods
Post-World War II Urban Renewal Replaced Thriving Black Hubs with Highways and Public Housing.
Scott Beyer | April 2, 2020
Time to Reopen the Campgrounds
Camping confers plenty of benefits that can actually help halt the spread of the coronavirus.
Ross Marchand | March 31, 2020
Greening Our Way to Infection
The Covid-19 outbreak is giving new meaning to those “sustainable” shopping bags.
John Tierney | March 31, 2020
This National Doctors’ Day, Let’s Show Our Appreciation
On National Doctors’ Day, policymakers can help doctors treat patients and keep the healthcare system working for everyone.
Ross Marchand | March 30, 2020
We Shouldn’t Need the Coronavirus to Appreciate Small Business
If there is a silver lining to the coronavirus, it’s that small business is finally getting the respect it deserves.
Luka Ladan | March 27, 2020
FDA Should Expand Options for Coronavirus Patients
The FDA must roll back the red tape holding up care for millions of Americans.
Ross Marchand | March 26, 2020
How “Price Gouging” Can Help with the COVID-19 Crisis
When Resources Are Scarce, Price Gouging Can Spur Production, Prevent Hoarding, and Encourage Conservation. But Only if Governments Allow It.
Scott Beyer | March 25, 2020
The Novel Coronavirus Can Kill Colleges as Well as People
Especially vulnerable are tuition-dependent schools without much endowment, including most HBCUs, many non-selective state schools and some community colleges.
Richard Vedder | March 24, 2020
Fighting Coronavirus by Breaking the Chains of Needless Regulation
Many regulations simply exist to be in the way, failing to produce any positive outcome.
Craig Eyermann | March 24, 2020