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Worried About Big Pharma? Then Reduce the FDA’s Regulatory Power.
To compete for FDA attention, drug makers now needed a way to navigate new safety hurdles to have their products approved.
Raymond J. March | August 9, 2019
Hong Kong: Where Political Autonomy Means Economic Freedom
Hong Kong Reflects Capitalism in Some Ways and Top-down Planning in Others, but its Autonomy from China Is Worth Defending.
Protesters are defending the ability for Hong Kong to maintain its economy and governance, which rests on a free-market urban blueprint.  
Scott Beyer | August 8, 2019
Should We Cap Credit Card Interest Rates at 15%?
Decency requires us to think through the intended and unintended consequences of the policies we are proposing.
Art Carden | August 7, 2019
A “Great Stagnation” for Bureaucrats
Even as President Trump leads a deregulatory drive, many downright-ludicrous bureaucratic actions proceed unchecked.
Ross Marchand | August 6, 2019
3 Challenges Resulting from Oregon’s Student Mental Health Law
Before following Oregon’s example, states should take a second look at the impact on student academic success, mental wellbeing, and skill development.
Kristiana Bolzman | August 5, 2019
The Capitalist Achievement of Recorded Music
It’s worth stepping back and considering just what liberal, capitalist, "in-it-for-the-money," free market societies have done, and for whose benefit.
Art Carden | August 3, 2019
Would You Buy a Used Car from a College President?
As the environment for universities worsens financially and in other ways, the job of being a college president is getting tougher.
Richard Vedder | August 2, 2019
SpaceX Takes First Step into Telecommunication Companies’ Turf
The accomplishment serves as yet another example of technological advancements spurring competition in a free-market economy and benefiting consumers.
Anil Niraula | August 1, 2019
Learning From the Good Food Movement
The gradual rollback of federal and state laws helped facilitate the flourishing of American cuisine today.
Eli Lehrer | July 31, 2019
Our Healthcare Sector Needs Reform, Not the Guillotine
Instead of reinventing the wheel, policymakers should work to reduce costs and bureaucracy within the current system.
Ross Marchand | July 30, 2019