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America Has Used Cars. Why Not Used Housing?
Used Cars Are Cheap Because New Ones Get Produced at Great Volume. Housing Should (and Often Does) Work the Same Way.
The more new housing that’s built, the more “used housing” that is freed up to be rented or owned by low-income people.
Scott Beyer | June 6, 2019
Why Calls to Break Up Tech Companies Attack American Ideals
Breaking up big companies, regardless of actual monopoly status or evidence of harm to consumers, punishes success and the pursuit of the American ideal.
Jonathon Hauenschild | June 5, 2019
In Praise of À La Carte
The world of pricing products and services has become far more efficient and consumer-friendly.
Ross Marchand | June 4, 2019
Error and Doubt in Artificial Intelligence Management
Rapid adoption of new technologies without investment in risk avoidance can amplify the magnitude of mistakes down the line.
Ryan Khurana | June 2, 2019
Four Low Tech Ways to Lower Tuition Fees by 10 to 30 Percent
To make themselves more attractive, colleges need to become leaner, cheaper, and more relevant.
Richard Vedder | June 1, 2019
Let’s Ditch the Census
Innovation in enumeration can lead to more accurate data, giving policymakers a wealth of useful information without the stain of politics.
Ross Marchand | May 30, 2019
End Monopoly Protections to Fix PG&E and Other Utilities
What consumers really need is competition, not more politicization of the gas and electricity markets.
Adam B. Summers | May 29, 2019
The Revolution You’ve Never Heard Of
The Group of Subversive Citizens Reclaiming the Civic Sphere
Local innovators and problems solvers across the country are working to re-weave our social fabric in our divided moment.
Alexandra Hudson | May 28, 2019
The Myth of Free College
If history teaches us anything it’s that we can’t subsidize our way to college affordability.
Vicki Alger | May 25, 2019
Millennial Attitudes Are Out of Sync with Economic Realities
There are plenty of reasons for Millennials—and all Americans—to be optimistic.
Luka Ladan | May 24, 2019