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Don’t Be So Quick to Write Off Natural Gas
Natural gas is among our cheapest energy sources and reduced power-plant emissions by 50% more since 2005 than wind and solar power combined.
William F. Shughart II | September 24, 2019
Small Business Optimism is Sky-High. Here’s Why That Matters.
Business expansion and job creation bodes well not only for long-term profit, but also for all the employees who bring value to the workplace.
Luka Ladan | September 23, 2019
Thoughts on Housing Affordability and Homelessness in California
State and local governments should simply remove the obstacles they have put in place that have driven up land and construction prices so much.
Adam B. Summers | September 21, 2019
Majors Matter
Education matters, but the type of education also matters, maybe even more.
Richard Vedder | September 20, 2019
We Already Have Government-Run Healthcare in US: Just Ask Native Americans
According to its patients, this much talked about “right” to healthcare amounts to very little in reality.
Ross Marchand | September 19, 2019
Rent Control: A Bad Idea Has Spread Again
Oregon, California, and New York recently passed rent control measures. Some Washington politicians want to make it national policy. Here’s why that is wrong.
There are ways to provide affordable housing without all the unintended consequences and moral hazards of rent control.
Scott Beyer | September 18, 2019
Colleges Don’t Want ‘Free College’
Free college proposals are a threat to the gravy train that has led to the inefficient and overstaffed modern university.
Richard Vedder | September 17, 2019
Why Nothing is Near Your Office
How Land Use Rules Make Life Inconvenient
The legal separation of land uses makes life inconvenient, paid for in long drives and errands that never get done.
Nick Zaiac | September 16, 2019
Wind Power Sources Remain More Fantasy than Reality
We need to be realistic about the limitations of wind power and seek practical alternatives that reduce emissions.
William F. Shughart II | September 14, 2019
Banning E-Cigarette Sales Will Do More Harm than Good
Efforts to ban vaping are extremely unlikely to succeed and may push consumers toward harmful alternatives.
Raymond J. March | September 13, 2019