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The Top 3 Most Egregious Pandemic Restrictions
In the age of pandemic fatigue, common sense and good faith must prevail
Luka Ladan | December 11, 2020
FDA Delays COVID Vaccine Review
Bureaucratic delays prevent Americans from receiving the COVID-19 vaccine
Conor Norris | December 8, 2020
Walter Williams: Steadfast Scholar, Missionary of Freedom
Thank you, Walter Williams, for your steadfastness from start to finish
Lawrence W. Reed | December 7, 2020
In Defense of Uber, Lyft, and Ridesharing
This is part 2 in a seven-part series on the privatization of transport
Scott Beyer | December 7, 2020
Cancelling Student Debt Benefits Top 20% Over Lower 20%
Student debt forgiveness would overwhelmingly benefit the most well off in America, new economic research shows
Brad Polumbo | December 5, 2020
The Vast Growth Potential of Micro-Transport
This is part one in a seven-part series on the privatization of transport
Scott Beyer | December 4, 2020
Colorado County Refuses to Enforce Lockdowns
Weld County’s defiance came days before news broke that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is “furious” because a Brooklyn synagogue held a secret wedding
Jon Miltimore | December 2, 2020
Nancy Pelosi’s $350M Hidden in COVID Relief Bill
The Democrats included huge cash handouts for wealthy constituents in predominantly liberal areas in their emergency response package
Brad Polumbo | December 1, 2020
Thanksgiving Lockdowns Only Worsen Food Insecurity
A theoretical approach to examining the impact of lockdowns on hunger
Reed Cooley | November 24, 2020
The Time Is Not Right for a National Minimum Wage Hike
Burdensome wage mandates raise labor costs, make life difficult for cash-strapped employers
Luka Ladan | November 23, 2020