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What South Park Gets Right About Government Regulation
One storyline provides an excellent explanation of how the regulatory process often works in the real world.
Conor Norris | November 25, 2019
Civil Libertarians Worry that Facial Recognition Tech Is Inaccurate, but Fears May Worsen After It’s Perfected
When a government can flawlessly track individuals, the state becomes efficient at singling out its opponents.
Jonathan Hofer | November 23, 2019
Did Midas Touch Medicare?
Despite its positive reputation, Medicare isn’t exactly a harbinger of health.
Ross Marchand | November 22, 2019
Remember: Ours Is a Consumer-Powered Economy—Powered by You
The mutually beneficial relationships between sellers and buyers are the primary drivers of our economic prosperity.
Luka Ladan | November 21, 2019
Scoot: A Player in the Urban Motorbike Surge
In an Interview With Founder Michael Keating, I Learn About the San Francisco-Based Electric Vehicle Provider, and Its Goal to Spread Across America
I spoke with Founder and President Michael Keating about what Scoot does, and its long-term plans.
Scott Beyer | November 20, 2019
Will the Courts Rein In Collegiate Race/Gender Pandering?
American University in Washington spent $121 million on “diversity” initiatives in 2018 and 2019.
Richard Vedder | November 19, 2019
The Berlin Wall Still Teaches Invaluable Lessons 30 Years After Its Fall
The fight for freedom needs to be constantly renewed.
Alvaro Vargas Llosa | November 18, 2019
Blackouts and Monopolies: Public Utilities in California
The lack of competition means there is significantly less incentive to invest in innovation, either in efficiency or safety.
Adam B. Summers | November 16, 2019
A Tale of Two Drug Approvals
The FDA has a unique responsibility to approve game-changing medications in a timely manner.
Ross Marchand | November 15, 2019
Do University Stores Rip Off Students?
Prices of surveyed goods were significantly higher at the university store than at Wal-Mart or Kroger.
Richard Vedder | November 14, 2019