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Seattle’s ‘Poverty Excuse’ Would Destroy the City
This policy would basically give anyone with a good sob story a green light to violate property rights at will
Brad Polumbo | December 22, 2020
Cancelling Student Debt Benefits Top 20% Over Lower 20%
Student debt forgiveness would overwhelmingly benefit the most well off in America, new economic research shows
Brad Polumbo | December 5, 2020
Nancy Pelosi’s $350M Hidden in COVID Relief Bill
The Democrats included huge cash handouts for wealthy constituents in predominantly liberal areas in their emergency response package
Brad Polumbo | December 1, 2020
Rampant Fraud Exposed Plaguing Stimulus Program
Yet free-spending leaders in Congress are looking to spend trillions more
Brad Polumbo | November 16, 2020
Andrew Cuomo’s NYC COVID Shutdown Makes No Sense
Governor Cuomo has evidently not learned anything from his earlier hubris and misjudgment
Brad Polumbo | November 16, 2020
Trump’s Trade Wars Failed to Restore Manufacturing Jobs
New analysis shows the tariffs helped some manufacturers by hurting others, for a net loss
Brad Polumbo | November 7, 2020
$19 Billion Wasted in Afghanistan Nation-Building
A new report offers a glimpse into one of America's many vastly expensive and failed projects
Brad Polumbo | October 27, 2020
Big Tech’s Problem with the NY Post Hunter Biden
Silicon Valley Tried to censor the NY Post’s Hunter Biden story, instead they the Streisand Effect
Brad Polumbo | October 26, 2020
National Debt Will Explode Under Biden or Trump
A new report shows the national debt just keeps getting worse. There’s only one way to get us out of this mess
Brad Polumbo | October 12, 2020
Unrest After Breonna Taylor Decision Sabotages Progress
An abundance of research shows that violent protest only undermines a cause in the eyes of the public
Brad Polumbo | October 2, 2020