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The $1 Billion Tax Crackdown In The New COVID Bill
A tax expert warned that IRS penalties ‘can destroy a person’s life’ and said many gig economy workers won’t be able to afford this sudden tax crackdown
Brad Polumbo | March 14, 2021
10 Crazy Examples of Waste in New COVID-19 Bill
The only real solution to this corruption is to shrink the government itself—and leave fewer of our resources for unscrupulous politicians to pilfer away
Brad Polumbo | March 1, 2021
The New York Stock Exchange Could Soon Flee the State
The president of the New York Stock Exchange is openly warning that the famed financial center may relocate if a radical new law is implemented
Brad Polumbo | February 18, 2021
Labor Law that Would Destroy Uber Could Pass This Time
Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer’s PRO Act is a case study in unintended consequences
Brad Polumbo | February 16, 2021
California ‘Hero Pay’ Ordinance Forces Kroger Closures
This result certainly wasn’t what local lawmakers intended, but it was actually quite predictable
Brad Polumbo | February 5, 2021
$15 Minimum Wage Would Reduce Employment
A new paper published by the National Bureau of Economic Research finds a “clear preponderance” of evidence that minimum wage laws reduce employment
Brad Polumbo | January 26, 2021
Exposé Shows UK’s COVID Response Rife with Corruption
Roughly $5 billion in taxpayer money allocated for PPE contracts went to companies connected to government officials
Brad Polumbo | January 3, 2021
Seattle’s ‘Poverty Excuse’ Would Destroy the City
This policy would basically give anyone with a good sob story a green light to violate property rights at will
Brad Polumbo | December 22, 2020
Cancelling Student Debt Benefits Top 20% Over Lower 20%
Student debt forgiveness would overwhelmingly benefit the most well off in America, new economic research shows
Brad Polumbo | December 5, 2020
Nancy Pelosi’s $350M Hidden in COVID Relief Bill
The Democrats included huge cash handouts for wealthy constituents in predominantly liberal areas in their emergency response package
Brad Polumbo | December 1, 2020