Archive: Healthcare

Walmart Disrupts Healthcare
Walmart’s innovation is to clearly list and compete on prices, something currently missing from the healthcare industry in America.
Conor Norris | October 3, 2019
FDA Must Allow, Not Thwart, Genetic Testing Revolution
Rather than restricting lifesaving innovations, the FDA should greenlight genetic testing and allow the market to develop.
Ross Marchand | September 26, 2019
We Already Have Government-Run Healthcare in US: Just Ask Native Americans
According to its patients, this much talked about “right” to healthcare amounts to very little in reality.
Ross Marchand | September 19, 2019
Banning E-Cigarette Sales Will Do More Harm than Good
Efforts to ban vaping are extremely unlikely to succeed and may push consumers toward harmful alternatives.
Raymond J. March | September 13, 2019
Why Cats Pay a Lower Price for CAT Scans
Increasing consumer exposure to prices and empowering them to pay medical expenses directly is key to keeping costs under control.
Ross Marchand | September 6, 2019
How Government Prolonged the Lobotomy
While the lobotomy offers a cautionary tale of medicine gone astray, it should also provide a cautionary tale of the harmful consequences of state-assisted health policies.
Raymond J. March | August 31, 2019
New Study Finds FDA in Contempt of the U.S. Constitution
The vast majority of agency regulations were passed by “low-level officials and employees with no authority to issue rules.”
Raymond J. March | August 28, 2019
With the Right Reforms, Gene Therapy Can Cure Millions
Gene therapies carry tremendous potential, but this upside can only be realized via the comprehensive and coordinated reform of federal policies.
Ross Marchand | August 22, 2019
Worried About Big Pharma? Then Reduce the FDA’s Regulatory Power.
To compete for FDA attention, drug makers now needed a way to navigate new safety hurdles to have their products approved.
Raymond J. March | August 9, 2019
Our Healthcare Sector Needs Reform, Not the Guillotine
Instead of reinventing the wheel, policymakers should work to reduce costs and bureaucracy within the current system.
Ross Marchand | July 30, 2019