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Rent Control: A Bad Idea Has Spread Again
Oregon, California, and New York recently passed rent control measures. Some Washington politicians want to make it national policy. Here’s why that is wrong.
There are ways to provide affordable housing without all the unintended consequences and moral hazards of rent control.
Scott Beyer | September 18, 2019
Why Nothing is Near Your Office
How Land Use Rules Make Life Inconvenient
The legal separation of land uses makes life inconvenient, paid for in long drives and errands that never get done.
Nick Zaiac | September 16, 2019
Bill de Blasio’s Hotel Cronyism
The mayor has run a bribe-oriented government, accepting money from entrenched interests in exchange for regulatory capture. His hotel proposal is the latest example.
The Mayor has governed like a lackey to monied interests, granting favors that help his career but hurt average New Yorkers.
Scott Beyer | September 11, 2019
Urban Agglomeration: More Growth, More Benefits
As Urbanized Areas Grow, They Develop Complex Economies that Further Drive Innovation and Prosperity.
Urban agglomerations drive our economy and create opportunity. Letting markets work is crucial to their continued growth.
Scott Beyer | September 4, 2019
Nothing Protects Tenants Better than Adding Supply
Even the strongest tenant protections can’t do the job of a housing market where landlords compete for tenants and not the other way around.
Cathy Reisenwitz | September 2, 2019
Blame California’s Housing Shortage on Dubious Regulations
California's housing shortage is a political choice, just as are many of its other problems.
Craig Eyermann | August 24, 2019
A Daycare in Every Neighborhood
Loosening Childcare Laws Could Make the Dream a Reality
Working families pay the price when we set needlessly high standards for who may care for children and narrow limits for where they may do so.
Nick Zaiac | August 21, 2019
So the President Has a Housing Task Force, but What Can the Feds Really Do?
Even though state and local governments will always play the central role in housing policy, the executive branch does have tools at its disposal.
Nick Zaiac | July 12, 2019
Are U.S. Cities Fiscally Insolvent?
Some Municipal Balance Sheets Raise Concerns, but Most Cities Are Okay.
Fiscal insolvency is a problem in specific cities, for specific reasons, and for which there are specific solutions, starting with pension reform.
Scott Beyer | July 9, 2019
To Rent or to Buy?
Advice For Millennials, From a Millennial
Millennials are renting for longer periods of time in expensive markets, but many are asking themselves: Should I keep renting or buy a home?
Luka Ladan | July 3, 2019