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Scoot: A Player in The Urban Motorbike Surge
In an Interview With Founder Michael Keating, I Learn About the San Francisco-Based Electric Vehicle Provider, and Its Goal to Spread Across America
I spoke with Founder and President Michael Keating about what Scoot does, and its long-term plans.
Scott Beyer | November 20, 2019
Is Urban America Ready For Mopeds?
Two-Wheeled Electric Mopeds Are Another Key in our Country’s Shift to Micro-Mobility
Micro-mobility has become a nascent industry in urban areas and mopeds could soon join the trend.
Scott Beyer | November 13, 2019
The Postal Service Goes Urbanist: How New Mailbox Regulations Encourage Density
The postal service is one of many groups that has an implicit say in how new homes are built.
Nick Zaiac | November 8, 2019
Is It Time to Privatize New York City’s Subways?
The New York Subways Are Substandard. Privatizing Them Could Improve Things.
Successful examples from around the world show that this could take many forms.
Scott Beyer | November 6, 2019
The Struggles of West Virginia
West Virginia Is Dealing With an Economic and Social Crisis. So Why Do People Stay?
For West Virginians who stay, it boils down to what you might call an acquired taste.
Scott Beyer | October 30, 2019
The New Campus Housing Bubble
A concerning number of student housing mortgages are either delinquent or approaching delinquency.
Richard Vedder | October 25, 2019
Mexico City’s Housing and Commuter Crisis
As Acute as These Problems Are in the U.S., CDMX Has It Much Worse
Four central districts contain 53 percent of the jobs but just 19 percent of the population.
Scott Beyer | October 23, 2019
Peseros: A Look Inside Mexico City’s Private Bus Network
CDMX Shows That, With the Right Conditions, Private Transit Can Emerge That Is Fast, Cheap, and Ubiquitous.
Not only has private transit proven to be profitable worldwide, but it does so despite government harassment.
Scott Beyer | October 16, 2019
What Urban America Can Learn From Mexico City’s Best Areas
Well-designed City Streets Improve Neighborhood Value. Why Don’t More U.S. Cities Create Them?
The attractiveness of the urban realm is an under-appreciated factor in neighborhood value.
Scott Beyer | October 9, 2019
How Rent Control Threatens the American Dream
There is a very real shortage of affordable housing across America’s most dynamic areas, but rent control is an ineffective solution to this problem.
Ben Wilterdink | October 7, 2019