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How Much is Government Housing Policy Costing You?
Take our quiz to find out just how much housing policy drives up the cost of rent.
November 28, 2018
A California Transit Agency Might Help Solve the Housing Crisis
Bill Makes BART City Planner of Last Resort for Station-Adjacent Land
Could new housing be built on land owned by BART?
Nick Zaiac | November 8, 2018
How Much Do You Know about the Love Gov Episode “A Room Without a View”?
Bound by a restraining order, Scott “Gov” Govinski has an epiphany: Why focus on just one person if you can “help” far more?
October 23, 2018
If Rent Control is Like Winning the Lottery, Who Buys the Losing Tickets?
When a property becomes subject to rent control, the first losers are the property owners.
Ben Wilterdink | October 10, 2018
Welcome to Catalyst!
The internet can be a noisy place. Sometimes just logging into social media feels like stepping onto a battlefield, except nobody knows who’s on which team and what the teams even mean anymore.
September 30, 2018
WATCH: What Is Smart Growth?
Do you know how your gas taxes are spent?
Dr. Lawrence J. McQuillan, Senior Fellow and Director of the Center on Entrepreneurial Innovation at the Independent Institute, explains how a portion of gas taxes are transferred to the Highway Trust Fund.
Lawrence McQuillan | September 28, 2018
My Rent Is Too High
Why renting a home is so expensive - A 5,000 Foot View.
I recently moved from a rather expensive neighborhood, Capitol Hill, in a relatively expensive city, Washington, D.C., to just outside San Francisco. I really had no idea what expensive was. I am currently renting a one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment for $1,810 per month, utilities included. Everyone I know out here assures me “it’s a steal.”
Ben Wilterdink | September 24, 2018
Does Legalizing Weed Increase Home Values?
Legalizing retail sales of marijuana in Colorado increased housing values by about 6%.
The last decade has seen a slow move toward nationwide marijuana legalization. The Pew Research Center reported at the beginning of January that 61% of Americans support marijuana legalization.
Art Carden | September 24, 2018
How Much Do You Know About Love Gov: From First Date to Mandate?
Love Gov: From First Date to Mandate tells the story of Alexis and Gov, who is “just here to help.”
September 22, 2018
WATCH: Love Gov 2: A Room Without a View
Season 2 | Episode 1
Heartbroken and bound to a restriction order, Gov has an epiphany: Why focus on helping one person if you can help more?
September 22, 2018