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Telemedicine Will Revolutionize Healthcare
Since 2014, wait times for new patients to see a physician have increased 30 percent.
Telemedicine, the use of telecommunication technology to help administer medical care, is often credited with “radically changing” the healthcare market.
Raymond J. March | September 22, 2018
How Much Do You Know About Love Gov: From First Date to Mandate?
Love Gov: From First Date to Mandate tells the story of Alexis and Gov, who is “just here to help.”
September 22, 2018
WATCH: Love Gov 2: Young, Sick, and Broke
Season 2 | Episode 2
Three desperate young adults, Rebekah, Katie, and Sam accept Gov’s conditions, move into his housing and try to make it home.
September 22, 2018
WATCH: Love Gov: A Remedy for Healthcare Choices
Episode 3 | Season 1
In this episode, Alexis needs a new health insurance plan, but the options are so confusing. Here comes Gov to protect her from choices!
September 22, 2018
Medical Apps Are Improving Healthcare On A Global Scale
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September 20, 2018
Does Your Healthcare Provider Offer Telemedicine Services?
Have you used this technology?
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September 20, 2018