Why Hitler Loved ‘Social Justice’
Like Karl Marx, Hitler saw the world through power structures, and the prevailing structures made it too difficult for all Germans to rise. This was an obstacle to “social justice” (soziale Gerechtigkeit).
Jon Miltimore | May 21, 2024
Wind Subsidies Are Rising…
but wind power production isn’t rising with them.
Paige Lambermont | May 21, 2024
Are Traffic Signals Necessary?
American roads perform sub-optimally because they’re over-engineered by government.
Scott Beyer | May 15, 2024
Brady Leonard | May 14, 2024
The (Other) Cost of Inflation
Inflation erodes more than the value of money, history shows.
Jon Miltimore | May 14, 2024
What Matt Walsh Gets Wrong about AI and Work
Replacing human labor with AI is nothing to be feared.
Patrick Carroll | May 7, 2024
Seattle Regretting Minimum Wage for Delivery App Drivers
Backlash from consumers, restaurant owners, and drivers prompts reconsideration
Adam B. Summers | May 3, 2024
Why Are Cities Being Planned Around Fire Trucks?
U.S. emergency vehicles are sized for wide roads, shaping the design of our cities. It doesn’t need to be this way.
Scott Beyer | May 1, 2024