Biosecurity Laws Are Not the Answer To Living With COVID
Removing restrictions on the supply of healthcare, not adding restrictions on life is the answer
Conor Norris | January 25, 2022
“Airbnb Hotels”—a Look Into the Future of Lodging
The line between Airbnb, hotels, and short- and long-term rentals is blurring, and so-called “Airbnb hotel” companies want to make the most of it
Scott Beyer | January 23, 2022
The (Hidden) Costs of the Afghanistan War
The human costs of the Afghan War are well known. Its inflationary costs are less understood
Jp Cortez | January 18, 2022
4 Positive Education Trends to End 2021
The exodus from government-run schooling continues
Kerry McDonald | January 18, 2022
Small Government Affordable Housing Solutions
Local government & community organizations working together for affordable housing
Pooja Bachani Di Giovanna | January 17, 2022
Local Governments, Home Cooks, and Community During the Holidays
How MEHKOs can be small government success stories
Pooja Bachani Di Giovanna and Michael Huling | January 17, 2022
Can Underground Power Boost Urban Resilience?
Moving power lines underground would reduce outages, but is a complicated and expensive prospect
Scott Beyer | January 13, 2022
Interstate Immigration and the California Exodus
The opportunities elsewhere continue to draw the movers and shakers out of the Golden State
Brady Leonard | January 13, 2022
Many Schools Are Reverting to 2020’s COVID Playbook
It’s up to parents to ensure their children have the normal and free childhood they deserve
Kerry McDonald | January 13, 2022