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Understanding Elizabeth Warren’s Radical Wealth Tax
Warren’s proposed wealth taxes will have devastating consequences on capital formation.
Robert P. Murphy
Why Don’t Climate Change Alarmists Promote Nuclear Power?
If we need to take action now to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, there is no surer way to do it than to build nuclear power plants.
Randall G. Holcombe
Is There a Model Zoning Code?
Zoning Has Done More Harm than Good in America. But the Code Rewrite in Bastrop, TX Takes Zoning in a More Liberalized Direction.
How can zoning be reformed to better enable market outcomes and reduce its high social costs?
Scott Beyer
Gov is back!

Shunned by a failed relationship of his own doing, Gov embarks on a new, more ambitious mission to “help” an entire group of early careerists seeking to establish themselves.

This time, “Gov” works hilariously to create and manipulate a crisis to entrap and control people and ensure their dependency. Will “Gov”’s intrusive scheming last and doom people to uncertain and desperate lives? Can an entire community see through “Gov”’s folly and set a new course for success?