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Scott Beyer Scott Beyer is the owner of the Market Urbanism Report, a media company that advances free-market city policy. He is also an urban affairs journalist who writes regular columns for Forbes, Governing Magazine,, and Catalyst. Follow him on Twitter: @sbcrosscountry.
When Government Extorts Business
Public Officials Often View Businesses as Piggy Banks that Can Be Hit Up for Any Goodie. But that Just Drives Them Away.
The more governments force businesses to solve wider public problems, the more they’ll drive them out.
Scott Beyer | January 15, 2020
Upzoning Bills: Free-market Policy or Government Coercion?
The Latest Housing Bills Have Been Mischaracterized as Something that “Forces” Growth onto the Suburbs.
Upzoning bills themselves are an act of deregulation because they allow homeowners to do more with their land.
Scott Beyer | January 8, 2020
What’s With All the Empty Condos?
Empty Luxury Units at the Top End of the Market Do Not Signal a Housing Glut.
Those units are just the housing version of unsold food sitting on a grocery shelf.
Scott Beyer | January 1, 2020
Why the New York MTA Should Use Proof-of-Payment
Robust fare Enforcement at Gates May Not Be as Effective as a Transaction-Free “Honor System.”
It is a reform that would make the NY MTA’s trains and buses faster and more convenient.
Scott Beyer | December 25, 2019
How Houston Is Becoming America’s Next Dense City
More Than “Just Sprawl,” Houston’s Lighter Land-Use Regulations Are Helping it Grow Up
The city's affordability can be tied to both Houston’s density and sprawl.
Scott Beyer | December 18, 2019
Is There a Model Zoning Code?
Zoning Has Done More Harm than Good in America. But the Code Rewrite in Bastrop, TX Takes Zoning in a More Liberalized Direction.
How can zoning be reformed to better enable market outcomes and reduce its high social costs?
Scott Beyer | December 11, 2019
Will America Really Experience a Retail Apocalypse?
Proponents of the Theory Ignore Existing Real Estate Data, Along with the Potential for Readapting Old Spaces to New Uses
Retail functions like other sectors in our dynamic economy, some stores might close but new ones replace them.
Scott Beyer | December 4, 2019
The Fauxvironmentalists of San Francisco
Self-styled Climate Activists Throughout the Bay Area Block Dense Infill Housing, Even Though That Increases Sprawl
Welcome to the wacky world of San Francisco climate activism.
Scott Beyer | November 27, 2019
Scoot: A Player in the Urban Motorbike Surge
In an Interview With Founder Michael Keating, I Learn About the San Francisco-Based Electric Vehicle Provider, and Its Goal to Spread Across America
I spoke with Founder and President Michael Keating about what Scoot does, and its long-term plans.
Scott Beyer | November 20, 2019
Is Urban America Ready For Mopeds?
Two-Wheeled Electric Mopeds Are Another Key in our Country’s Shift to Micro-Mobility
Micro-mobility has become a nascent industry in urban areas and mopeds could soon join the trend.
Scott Beyer | November 13, 2019