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Scott Beyer is a Catalyst Columnist Fellow on a 1.5-year research project through the Global South for Catalyst’s Market Urbanism Around the World series. He is the owner of Market Urbanism Report, a media company that advances free-market city policy. He is also an urban affairs journalist who writes regular columns for Forbes, Governing Magazine,, and Catalyst. Follow him on Twitter: @marketurbanist.
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Are Traffic Signals Necessary?
American roads perform sub-optimally because they’re over-engineered by government.
Scott Beyer | May 15, 2024
Why Are Cities Being Planned Around Fire Trucks?
U.S. emergency vehicles are sized for wide roads, shaping the design of our cities. It doesn’t need to be this way.
Scott Beyer | May 1, 2024
Squatting In Homes Has Become Too Easy
New York City’s squatter laws, and America’s other “pro tenant” legislation, shows that we’re moving away from respect for property rights.
Scott Beyer | April 1, 2024
Detroit’s Land Value Tax Experiment
The Motor City considers taxing land value more than property value. Can that reverse the long-time downturn?
Scott Beyer | March 1, 2024
Upzoning: Only Part of the Housing Affordability Fix
Various other regulations hold back production, making upzoning bills useless or even counterproductive.
Scott Beyer | February 1, 2024
American Privilege
Traveling the developing world reveals vast inequality, racism, and sexism—and just how fortunate Americans are.
Scott Beyer | January 15, 2024
Japan: Where High-Speed Rail Works
The Shinkansen system is efficient and being exported to other countries. Will something similar work in the U.S.?
Scott Beyer | January 8, 2024
The Market-Driven Superblocks of Southeast Asia
In Jakarta and Bangkok, narrow streets and densely-packed activity result from private spatial negotiations.
The 3rd World’s Emerging Economic Powerhouses
A look inside the fast population and GDP growth of countries like the Philippines.
Scott Beyer | December 25, 2023
Should Global South Megacities Be Decentralized?
Planners in Indonesia and other Third World countries are making sprawling, autocentric plans to supplant their dense cities—repeating America’s past mistakes.
Scott Beyer | December 18, 2023
The Anatomy of a Chinese Ghost City
The Chinese build cities that fall way under population projections. Who keeps funding this and why does it happen?
Scott Beyer | December 11, 2023
Centralized Versus Decentralized Transit
Various Asian regions show a convenience gap between different styles of mass transport.
Scott Beyer | December 4, 2023