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Scott Beyer is the owner of the Market Urbanism Report, a media company that advances free-market city policy. He is also an urban affairs journalist who writes regular columns for Forbes, Governing Magazine,, and Catalyst. Follow him on Twitter: @marketurbanist.
Can Underground Power Boost Urban Resilience?
Moving power lines underground would reduce outages, but is a complicated and expensive prospect
Scott Beyer | January 13, 2022
How to Make Carshare More Accessible
A useful, growing industry is struggling to find room in the urban right-of-way
Scott Beyer | January 2, 2022
Will America Get Private Subways (Again)?
The question isn't academic, the U.S. once had intra-city heavy rail, and its return seems increasingly possible
Scott Beyer | December 28, 2021
The Case for Transit Vouchers
Instead of dumping money into running or outsourcing their own transit, why don’t cities distribute transit vouchers and open the market for competition?
Scott Beyer | December 17, 2021
The Demand-response Transit Experiment Continues
Cities are experimenting with private DRT to complement or replace traditional government transit. How’s it working?
Scott Beyer | December 9, 2021
Greater Pittsburgh and Afghan Refugees: A Good Match?
As tens of thousands of Afghan refugees relocate to the U.S., it’s worth assimilating them in areas that could use the help
Scott Beyer | December 3, 2021
How Drone Delivery Can Improve City Life
Shifting “last-mile” deliveries from vans and trucks to drones is a way to reduce congestion, emissions—and possibly even noise pollution
Scott Beyer | November 29, 2021
Are American Cities Ready for Special Economic Zones?
SEZs, charter cities, and other private city models are all worth testing. But the barriers to doing so are political
Scott Beyer | November 19, 2021
Announcing the Independent Institute Homelessness Report
Catalyst Fellow co-authors a paper with 5 others on how to end homelessness in California and beyond
Scott Beyer | November 14, 2021
Can Flixbus Save Greyhound?
America’s flagship but beleaguered intercity bus service may benefit from the efficiencies of an upstart German company
Scott Beyer | November 5, 2021