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Scott Beyer is the owner of the Market Urbanism Report, a media company that advances free-market city policy. He is also an urban affairs journalist who writes regular columns for Forbes, Governing Magazine,, and Catalyst. Follow him on Twitter: @marketurbanist.
Is Texas the U.S. Capital of Logistics?
Free trade, a business-friendly climate, and urban agglomeration allows freight to thrive in Texas
Scott Beyer | June 18, 2021
Will Texas Get a Fifth Large Metro?
Texas’ “Big 4” metro areas—Dallas, Houston, Austin and San Antonio—have all exploded with growth. Will a 5th sleeper one emerge?
Scott Beyer | June 10, 2021
How 3D Laser Scanning Cuts Construction Costs
The San Antonio company Reckon Point uses robots to scan building interiors. It joins a crowded field of competitors making inroads with laser technology
Scott Beyer | June 4, 2021
Massachusetts’ “Housing Choice” Could Deregulate Zoning
A heavily-regulated state has made it easier to approve construction. Is it enough to add more housing?
Scott Beyer | May 28, 2021
Co-Working is Poised for a Post-COVID Resurgence
Shared offices could become ubiquitous as employers navigate flexible work schedules
Scott Beyer | May 22, 2021
Does Big Finance Need to Be on Wall Street?
New York City needs to fix its regulatory and quality-of-life problems to retain a key industry that is being disrupted
Scott Beyer | May 13, 2021
Kansas City Southern and Future Freight Rail Regulations
A potential "NAFTA super-railway" faces scrutiny from the U.S. government
Scott Beyer | May 6, 2021
How Tesla Could Disrupt Ridesharing
With or without AVs, tech investors believe the premier EV manufacturer could topple Uber and Lyft
Scott Beyer | April 29, 2021
Could Skyscrapers Made of Wood Rise in U.S. Cities?
Innovations in timber-frame construction could make high rises more environmentally-friendly and faster to build
Scott Beyer | April 22, 2021
Flying Taxis May Soon Come to America
The private market is already itching to test this technology in cities
Scott Beyer | April 15, 2021