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Kristiana Bolzman Kristiana Bolzman is a Catalyst Policy Fellow and a Young Voices Contributor. She studied Politics and Journalism at Hillsdale College, graduated from The Heritage Foundation's Young Leaders program, was accepted as a Generation Liberty Fellow at the State Policy Network, and has served at Fox News and on Capitol Hill. Her research and writing focuses on education reform and the preservation of civil liberties.
Three Education Lawsuits Worth Watching
Three cases have the potential to shape the future of religious freedom, due process, and freedom of speech in education
Kristiana Bolzman | October 10, 2019
Interdisciplinary Programs Improve STEM and Shape America’s Future
If we hope to position students for success in the workplace, STEM education alone is not enough.
Kristiana Bolzman | October 1, 2019
College Board Drops Adversity Scores – Now for the SAT
Many accredited colleges and universities have stopped requiring SAT/ACT scores or de-emphasize their use in admissions decisions
Kristiana Bolzman | September 9, 2019
School Voucher Kids More Likely to Graduate From College
Catalyst Policy Fellow Kristiana Bolzman highlights the findings of an important new study over at Choice Media TV.
Kristiana Bolzman | August 30, 2019
“Free” College Systems: 3 Downsides to Consider
While tuition cost may not be a barrier to student success in "free-college" systems, other barriers are well-worth acknowledging.
Kristiana Bolzman | August 26, 2019
3 Challenges Resulting from Oregon’s Student Mental Health Law
Before following Oregon’s example, states should take a second look at the impact on student academic success, mental wellbeing, and skill development.
Kristiana Bolzman | August 5, 2019
3 Improvements to Career and Technical Education Funding
The Department of Education updated a key funding program for career and technical education, but educators should recognize its value even without federal support.
Kristiana Bolzman | July 23, 2019
In-Class Technology
Too Much of a Good Thing?
Students perform best with low or moderate levels of computer usage per day, prompting caution about pinning hopes or dollars on its use in class.
Kristiana Bolzman | June 27, 2019
Walmart Models Next-Level Business-Education Partnership
By working with educators to shape classes and degree programs to teach the skills they value, employers could build the workforce they need, often from within their existing labor force.
Kristiana Bolzman | June 20, 2019
Adversity Scores Set Students Up to Fail
Instead of focusing on increasing diversity in education, we should be focusing on preparing our diverse students to achieve success themselves.
Kristiana Bolzman | May 23, 2019