Abortion Won in November, Almost Everywhere
Voters rejected pro-life measures in deep red Montana and Kentucky
Brady Leonard | February 7, 2023
What Ayn Rand Meant by “Americanism”
It was more about a principle than a nation
Dan Sanchez | January 17, 2023
MLK’s Goal Was Unity
Achieving MLK's dream requires racially and politically tolerant communities
Pooja Bachani Di Giovanna | January 16, 2023
Martin Luther King Jr.’s 6 Principles of Non-Violence
To effectively fight modern injustices, we should use the techniques of those who have effectively done so before us
Hannah Cox | January 16, 2023
Latin American Cities Are Underrated
It's clear why many with the option to work remotely are choosing Mexico City as their new home
Scott Beyer | January 16, 2023
Jordan Peterson’s License Fiasco: Abolish Government Licensing
There’s an alternative to government licensing, and it already exists
Patrick Carroll | January 11, 2023
The “Global South”: Announcing My 1.5-Year, 40-City Tour
Catalyst readers will soon be treated to an interesting series. I’m now on a 1.5-year, […]
Scott Beyer | January 9, 2023
The Dark Side of Bill C-11: How it Could Silence Canadian Voices
Will self-censorship replace free speech in Canada?
Francis Crescia | January 6, 2023
Study Shows Correlation Between School Attendance and Suicide
What if schools are the major source of the youth mental crisis?
Kerry McDonald | January 3, 2023