Veteran Teacher: Here’s What’s Wrong with Traditional Schooling
Coercion is not conducive to a healthy learning environment.
Karl Streitel | April 16, 2024
Permission to Plagiarize
Sorry, academics, but you can’t excuse away plagiarism by seeking permission after the fact from the party you copied.
Phillip Magness | March 25, 2024
Schools With “Radical Politics” Must Be Tolerated in a Free Society
In a free market, schools that focus on socialist ideology and “radical politics” could exist.
Kerry McDonald | February 27, 2024
Artificial Intelligence Can Transform Education For the Better
Fear of new technologies, and the desire to control them, may have more to do with a fear of free people and the liberating potential of new technologies.
Kerry McDonald | January 9, 2024
If Your Kids Aren’t Happy at School, Find Them Another One
If your children are not happy at school, there’s never been a better time to exit for something else.
Kerry McDonald | December 5, 2023
No, John Oliver, Homeschooling Doesn’t Need More Regulation
Many parents choose homeschooling specifically because of the harms they believe are caused by public schooling.
Kerry McDonald | October 17, 2023
Gallup Poll Reveals Plummeting Confidence in Public Schools
Americans have soured on public schools, but there are alternatives.
Kerry McDonald | July 25, 2023
School Choice is Sweeping the Nation
Teachers Unions are powerless to stop the wave of liberty making its way through state legislatures
Brady Leonard | April 5, 2023
Over a Million Students Left District Schools. Are They Learning?
If parents are satisfied with the quality of their children's learning environment, then the rest of us should be too.
Kerry McDonald | March 21, 2023