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Decline of the M.B.A., Fall of the Humanities: What’s Left?
Increasingly, kids look at colleges as sort of a sophisticated form of vocational education that once was a staple of many high schools.
Richard Vedder | June 18, 2019
Taxpayers Shouldn’t Get Stuck with a $1.5 Trillion Loan Default Tab
We need to change the incentive system, making schools face financial consequences for accepting students with shaky academic backgrounds who are unlikely to complete college.
Richard Vedder | June 12, 2019
Four Low Tech Ways to Lower Tuition Fees by 10 to 30 Percent
To make themselves more attractive, colleges need to become leaner, cheaper, and more relevant.
Richard Vedder | June 1, 2019
Senator Warren’s Student Debt Plan
The Worst Higher Education Proposal Ever Made
It is mind-boggling in the potential harm it would pose to our nation.
Richard Vedder | May 8, 2019
First Generation Universities, the New CCNY
Florida International
The school's mission is to provide access to large numbers, giving educational opportunities opening the door to occupational opportunities.
Richard Vedder | April 20, 2019
Is a Simplified Student Financial Aid Process Around the Corner?
The Fix Would be a Rare Bipartisan Moment
Literally for decades, a major impediment for individuals wanting federal student financial assistance is the Free Application for Federal Student Assistance (FAFSA) form.
Richard Vedder | February 19, 2019
More Colleges are Saying ‘No’ to Student Loans
Students Should Explore Other Options
We need to reduce or eliminate federal student loan programs and find other ways of financing schooling, such as private income share agreements.
Richard Vedder | February 6, 2019
Revive For-Profit Higher Education
Competition Boosts Choices and Opportunities
American higher education benefits from competition and diversity of its schools.
Richard Vedder | December 21, 2018