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The New College Scorecard Gets a C- on Its Report Card
Despite some useful insights, the new report card should be easier and more valuable to use.
Richard Vedder | January 9, 2020
Does Collegiate Athletic Excellence Promote Academic Excellence?
As budgets become tighter, athletic subsidies become less defensible.
Richard Vedder | January 2, 2020
Has Great Higher Education Reached Middle America?
Many people are literally close to a thousand miles away from one of the top institutions.
Richard Vedder | December 27, 2019
Should States Subsidize Universities?
Evidence suggests that governmental support of schools is not critical to having an educated population.
Richard Vedder | December 17, 2019
The New Campus Deplorables
The gap between the thinking of the intelligentsia and the broader public has sharply widened in recent times.
Richard Vedder | December 5, 2019
Why Do We Have Business or Education Schools in Universities?
The broader question is: should universities be sophisticated trade schools, preparing students for specific vocations?
Richard Vedder | November 30, 2019
Will the Courts Rein In Collegiate Race/Gender Pandering?
American University in Washington spent $121 million on “diversity” initiatives in 2018 and 2019.
Richard Vedder | November 19, 2019
Do University Stores Rip Off Students?
Prices of surveyed goods were significantly higher at the university store than at Wal-Mart or Kroger.
Richard Vedder | November 14, 2019
Admissions Lawsuit: Harvard’s Ahead, but It’s Not Over
The Harvard lawsuit could go either way but the battle is not confined to one front.
Richard Vedder | November 7, 2019
Why Are There So Many Marginally Employed PhDs in English?
The biggest problem is that schools keep taking big new Ph.D. classes despite the limited demand for those occupations.
Richard Vedder | November 3, 2019