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Understanding Elizabeth Warren’s Radical Wealth Tax
Warren’s proposed wealth taxes will have devastating consequences on capital formation.
Robert P. Murphy | December 14, 2019
“Planting Trees” Disrupts the Carbon Tax Narrative
Conventional logic has assumed that penalizing emissions is the appropriate solution to climate change. But maybe that is totally wrong.
Robert P. Murphy | August 17, 2019
Plastic Bans Are Symbolism Over Substance
The measure will do virtually nothing to reduce plastic waste in the ocean and it won’t “help the economy.”
Robert P. Murphy | August 13, 2019
The Province of Alberta Shows Dangers of a Carbon Tax ‘Deal’
No matter their promises, in practice government-imposed “carbon pricing” schemes never live up to the guidelines for “efficiency” laid down by their proponents.
Robert P. Murphy | April 17, 2019