Why Tolls Help Drivers
Putting a price on driving makes it faster and, in the long run, cheaper.
Scott Beyer | June 15, 2024
The Story of the Ritz Cracker Is the Story of Capitalism
The Ritz Cracker perfectly exemplifies how capitalism has enriched our lives.
Jake Klein | June 4, 2024
Why True Free-Market Advocates Oppose Antitrust Laws
Trying to dominate the market isn’t an example of anti-competitive behavior. It’s what real competition consists of.
Ninos P. Malek | May 29, 2024
Wind Subsidies Are Rising…
but wind power production isn’t rising with them.
Paige Lambermont | May 21, 2024
The (Other) Cost of Inflation
Inflation erodes more than the value of money, history shows.
Jon Miltimore | May 14, 2024
What Matt Walsh Gets Wrong about AI and Work
Replacing human labor with AI is nothing to be feared.
Patrick Carroll | May 7, 2024
Seattle Regretting Minimum Wage for Delivery App Drivers
Backlash from consumers, restaurant owners, and drivers prompts reconsideration
Adam B. Summers | May 3, 2024
California’s Politicians Determined to Bring ‘Atlas Shrugged’ to Life
The proposed wealth tax is just the latest in a series of attacks against productive entrepreneurs.
Daniel Kowalski | April 30, 2024