Greater Pittsburgh and Afghan Refugees: A Good Match?
As tens of thousands of Afghan refugees relocate to the U.S., it’s worth assimilating them in areas that could use the help
Scott Beyer | December 3, 2021
How Drone Delivery Can Improve City Life
Shifting “last-mile” deliveries from vans and trucks to drones is a way to reduce congestion, emissions—and possibly even noise pollution
Scott Beyer | November 29, 2021
Are American Cities Ready for Special Economic Zones?
SEZs, charter cities, and other private city models are all worth testing. But the barriers to doing so are political
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Are We Too Distracted to Notice Inflation?
Nearly 20% of U.S. dollars were printed in 2020, what now?
Randall G. Holcombe | November 18, 2021
Announcing the Independent Institute Homelessness Report
Catalyst Fellow co-authors a paper with 5 others on how to end homelessness in California and beyond
Scott Beyer | November 14, 2021
Can Flixbus Save Greyhound?
America’s flagship but beleaguered intercity bus service may benefit from the efficiencies of an upstart German company
Scott Beyer | November 5, 2021
Gen Z Americans Dread Biden’s Planned IRS Expansion
More IRS snooping will not solve the challenges facing Americans
Sean Themea | November 3, 2021
It’s Time the Post Office Was Outsourced
The troubled agency would be better off contracting out to the growing private logistics market.
Scott Beyer | October 29, 2021
Energy Crisis Deepens in the United Kingdom
What’s causing the energy crisis that’s hitting Europe right now?
Paige Lambermont | October 26, 2021