Detroit’s Land Value Tax Experiment
The Motor City considers taxing land value more than property value. Can that reverse the long-time downturn?
Scott Beyer | March 1, 2024
Javier Milei Delivers Argentina’s First Surplus in Over a Decade
The revelation that Argentina has done something the US government hasn’t done in more than two decades—run a budget surplus—seems like a newsworthy event. So why the silence?
Jon Miltimore | February 27, 2024
A Covid Casualty You May Not Have Heard Of
R.I.P. Evinrude Outboard Motors 1907-2020
Brady Leonard | February 27, 2024
French Language Czar Champions Tougher Laws on Signage in Quebec
The Quebec government is determined to preserve the French language in the province, and they’re willing to waste resources and trample people’s liberties to do it.
Patrick Carroll | February 20, 2024
The Cuban Socialist Paradox
Is Cuba rich from socialism, or poor from the embargo?
Benjamin Williams | February 20, 2024
Can Adam Smith Save Gen Z?
A college professor's optimistic take on the younger generation.
Blake Scott Ball | February 20, 2024
Dollarization in Argentina: A Missed Opportunity
Dollarization may still take place in Argentina, but later — and at a higher cost.
Nicolás Nicolás Cachanosky | February 13, 2024
Labor Department’s New Rule Is Bad News for Contractors
The Department of Labor’s new worker classification rule is a blatant power grab designed to make it more difficult for people to work as independent contractors.
Nate Scherer | February 6, 2024
The Housing Crisis Explained—with Mini Fridges
Economics shows up everywhere in life, which means lessons learned in one domain can often be applied to others.
Patrick Carroll | February 6, 2024