Forced to Dump 30,000 Liters of Milk—as Dairy Prices Surge
Canadian dairy farmer Jerry Huigen explains why he’s heartbroken to dump 30,000 liters of milk amid surging dairy prices.
Jon Miltimore | February 7, 2023
Panama City’s Success: A Product of Trade and Liberalization
The city's success is a testament to free markets and openness to trade
Scott Beyer | February 6, 2023
Farmer’s $370k Property Seized to Cover a $60k Tax Debt
Home equity theft is a much bigger problem than many realize.
Patrick Carroll | January 31, 2023
Honduras’ Charter City Experiment
The ZEDE law passed by the impoverished Central American nation can become a model for the charter city movement, but only if not upended by a hostile government.
Scott Beyer | January 30, 2023
Economics Isn’t
Five misconceptions about economics and its capabilities
Caleb S. Fuller and Scott Burns | January 27, 2023
The Folly Of Urban Planning In Guatemala City
Guatemala City's “Opportunity District” plan shows the flaws of trying to predict where growth happens
Scott Beyer | January 23, 2023
Latin American Cities Are Underrated
It's clear why many with the option to work remotely are choosing Mexico City as their new home
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Jordan Peterson’s License Fiasco: Abolish Government Licensing
There’s an alternative to government licensing, and it already exists
Patrick Carroll | January 11, 2023
Did the Death of “Net Neutrality” Live Up to Doomsday Predictions?
What has been the fate of net neutrality's demise?
Peter Jacobsen | December 27, 2022