Announcing a Series on Critical Minerals and the Energy Transition
New Paper Examines the Importance of Domestic Mineral Production
Paige Lambermont | September 7, 2023
California’s Solar Dilemma
A Tragic Tale of Regulatory Missteps and Burdened Consumers
Spenser Stenmark | August 22, 2023
California’s High Speed Rail Authority Hires “Sustainability” Consultant
The California High-Speed Rail Authority endorses Arup to fulfill green goals, yet this fiscal boondoggle has left the station
K. Lloyd Billingsley | July 26, 2023
Reining in Regulatory Overreach: Supreme Court Sets Boundaries for the EPA in Landmark Case
The case of the Sackett's has far reaching implications for both the EPA and other federal agencies
Spenser Stenmark | June 29, 2023
Illinois Set to Repeal Nuclear Ban
A reversal worth acknowledging, with 11 other states holding similar policies
Paige Lambermont | June 13, 2023
Green Energy Has a Dirty Secret
Green activists’ obsession with EVs perpetuates the injustice they ostensibly want to abolish.
Connor Vasile | May 30, 2023
Relativity Space Put a 3D-Printed Rocket in Space
Private companies in the space industry are generating a lot of firsts, and Terran 1 shows interesting possibilities
Paige Lambermont | April 5, 2023
What the Environmental Quality Index says about Global Freedom
Where Energy is Produced Matters for Human Freedom and The Environment
Paige Lambermont | March 28, 2023
How Government Lost 15 Million Acres of Public Land
Non-market allocations of resources are doomed to result in catastrophic waste and mismanagement, evidenced by a recent New York Times story exploring how ‘millions of acres of public lands aren’t really open to the public.’
Saul Zimet | March 21, 2023