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Shang-Chi Earns Its Blockbuster Stripes
Marvel's Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, a review from The Beacon
Samuel R. Staley | September 21, 2021
Black Widow Boasts Strong Themes and Performances
The new Marvel film's familial intimacy and knockout acting lift the action blockbuster
Samuel R. Staley | August 17, 2021
Movies to Queue During the Supreme Court Ruckus
Educational entertainment for those who need a break from this news cycle
Samuel R. Staley | October 17, 2020
George Floyd and the Future of Police Misconduct
Real solutions to combat structural racism in American police departments
Samuel R. Staley | June 2, 2020
Harriet Breathes Life into Call for Liberty
The movie breathes long overdue life into Harriet Tubman’s heroic efforts to rescue her family and others from slavery.
Samuel R. Staley | February 18, 2020
Little Women Shows Timelessness of “Coming of Age”
As in real life, choices are made about passions, life’s trade-offs, and love.
Samuel R. Staley | January 11, 2020
Neo-Noir “Motherless Brooklyn” Puts Power, Corruption at Center of Urban Renewal Story
Motherless Brooklyn might well contend for the most pro-liberty film to come out of Hollywood in 2019.
Samuel R. Staley | December 7, 2019
Miss Virginia and the Political Realities of Public-School Reform
Miss Virginia gets the most important elements of the struggle for private school vouchers right.
Samuel R. Staley | November 10, 2019
Joker Earns Its Accolades, but Offers Much More
A movie like Joker can lead us to a pause and perhaps rethink our own basic beliefs and perceptions.
Samuel R. Staley | October 19, 2019
Yesterday, the Beatles, and the Value of Earned Success
The movie succeeds in entertaining, but it succeeds on another level as well by exploring the meaning and the dignity of work. 
Samuel R. Staley | July 13, 2019