Squatting In Homes Has Become Too Easy
New York City’s squatter laws, and America’s other “pro tenant” legislation, shows that we’re moving away from respect for property rights.
Scott Beyer | April 1, 2024
Upzoning: Only Part of the Housing Affordability Fix
Various other regulations hold back production, making upzoning bills useless or even counterproductive.
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Is Dubai a YIMBY Success Story?
The wealthy emirate builds a lot, but is not a free housing market - and falls short of what it needs.
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Farmer’s $370k Property Seized to Cover a $60k Tax Debt
Home equity theft is a much bigger problem than many realize.
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The Folly of Urban Planning in Guatemala City
Guatemala City's “Opportunity District” plan shows the flaws of trying to predict where growth happens
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Does Chicago’s Aldermanic System Work?
Chicago’s long-time debate about aldermanic privilege speaks to a larger one about whether city council elections should be ward-based or at-large
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Can Granny Flats Make California Affordable?
Thousands of people want to build and rent homes in California, will this loophole help?
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See How Little Housing Some U.S. Metros Permit
The supply is not meeting demand
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Stop Subsidizing Homes in Flood Zones
The market will make clear what land is fit to live on
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