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No, John Oliver, Homeschooling Doesn’t Need More Regulation
Many parents choose homeschooling specifically because of the harms they believe are caused by public schooling.
Kerry McDonald | October 17, 2023
Gallup Poll Reveals Plummeting Confidence in Public Schools
Americans have soured on public schools, but there are alternatives.
Kerry McDonald | July 25, 2023
Loosening Youth Employment Regulations Empowers Teens
Far from exploiting young people, reducing employment barriers for teen workers empowers them
Kerry McDonald | June 6, 2023
Over a Million Students Left District Schools. Are They Learning?
If parents are satisfied with the quality of their children's learning environment, then the rest of us should be too.
Kerry McDonald | March 21, 2023
Study Shows Correlation Between School Attendance and Suicide
What if schools are the major source of the youth mental crisis?
Kerry McDonald | January 3, 2023
College Enrollment Drops As Students Seek Alternatives
More young people are recognizing that the conveyor belt to college, and the debt they assume along the way, may not be the best option
Kerry McDonald | June 22, 2022
CNN Slams Libertarian Children’s Books—Causing Sales to Surge
Outlets such as CNN may be opposed to libertarian content, but their opposition is good for business
Kerry McDonald | April 19, 2022
4 Positive Education Trends to End 2021
The exodus from government-run schooling continues
Kerry McDonald | January 18, 2022
Many Schools Are Reverting to 2020’s COVID Playbook
It’s up to parents to ensure their children have the normal and free childhood they deserve
Kerry McDonald | January 13, 2022
Why I Stopped Donating to Harvard, My Alma Mater
For the first time since graduation, I did not donate to either of my alma maters, Harvard or Bowdoin College. Here's why.
Kerry McDonald | December 9, 2021
L.A. Teachers Reopen Schools for Childcare Subsidy
The demand by the Los Angeles teachers union to supply teachers with taxpayer-funded child care subsidies is part of an ongoing effort by unions to influence public policy
Kerry McDonald | April 11, 2021
Woke Educators Declare Objective Math White Supremacy
Here’s how parents can push back on the alarming ideology that’s infecting our children’s classrooms
Kerry McDonald | March 15, 2021