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The History of Slavery You Weren’t Taught in School
Slavery cannot be justified or excused by enlightened people, but it can be studied, explained, put in context, and understood—if all the facts of it are in the equation
Lawrence W. Reed | February 21, 2023
Yes, Elisjsha Dicken Is a Good Samaritan
Law enforcement praised the 22-year old man for heroically using his own firearm to stop a gunman who had already killed three people at an Indiana mall
Lawrence W. Reed | July 19, 2022
The Micro-state With One of the Best Tax Climates in the World
Andorra, one of Europe’s seven “micro-states," is one of Europe's hidden treasures
Lawrence W. Reed | February 9, 2022
World’s Oldest Republic Reveals Secret to Peace and Prosperity
It’s a place where people live and let live
Lawrence W. Reed | January 27, 2022
The Compact That Preceded the Magna Carta
It was ‘the Anglo-Saxon Magna Carta,’ in the words of historian David Starkey
Lawrence W. Reed | June 15, 2021
I Was a Smuggler—and Make No Apologies For It
Banning the transport of stuff that people desire is much easier said than done and may well produce more victims than the stuff itself
Lawrence W. Reed | June 8, 2021
Walter Williams: Steadfast Scholar, Missionary of Freedom
Thank you, Walter Williams, for your steadfastness from start to finish
Lawrence W. Reed | December 7, 2020