Why Britain’s Proposed Smoking Ban Is Immoral
The British Government has become increasingly authoritarian about how individuals choose to live their lives.
Jess Gill | April 30, 2024
More and More Chinese Citizens Lose Trust in CCP Leadership
The Party’s Far-Reaching Control Stifles Many Natural Rights
John Tuttle | April 16, 2024
The Vietnamese People Admire Capitalist Economic Systems
Although still nominally a “socialist” country, Vietnam has been moving steadily in the free-market direction, and the Vietnamese have positive feelings overall toward capitalist countries.
Rainer Zitelmann | April 9, 2024
China’s Economic Facade is Cracking
Once the nation was all but expected to eclipse the United States economically, now that trajectory seems unlikely.
Samuel Gregg | March 26, 2024
‘Laissez-Faire’ Sweden Had the Lowest COVID Mortality in Europe
Many more people in Sweden are alive today because Anders Tegnell understands the economic lesson of secondary consequences better than many economists.
Jon Miltimore | March 12, 2024
Why the Meiji Restoration Was Pivotal for Japan
Meiji Japan was not a liberal paradise. But the country in 1900 was notably freer, more industrialized and prosperous, and substantially more modern than it had been just three decades earlier.
Lawrence W. Reed | March 5, 2024
Myanmar’s Draft Shows How Not to Run a Military
Conscription is forced labor, and a particularly egregious type of forced labor at that. It has no place in a free society.
Cruz Marquis | March 5, 2024
Javier Milei Delivers Argentina’s First Surplus in Over a Decade
The revelation that Argentina has done something the US government hasn’t done in more than two decades—run a budget surplus—seems like a newsworthy event. So why the silence?
Jon Miltimore | February 27, 2024
French Language Czar Champions Tougher Laws on Signage in Quebec
The Quebec government is determined to preserve the French language in the province, and they’re willing to waste resources and trample people’s liberties to do it.
Patrick Carroll | February 20, 2024