Javier Milei Delivers Argentina’s First Surplus in Over a Decade
The revelation that Argentina has done something the US government hasn’t done in more than two decades—run a budget surplus—seems like a newsworthy event. So why the silence?
Jon Miltimore | February 27, 2024
French Language Czar Champions Tougher Laws on Signage in Quebec
The Quebec government is determined to preserve the French language in the province, and they’re willing to waste resources and trample people’s liberties to do it.
Patrick Carroll | February 20, 2024
The Cuban Socialist Paradox
Is Cuba rich from socialism, or poor from the embargo?
Benjamin Williams | February 20, 2024
Dollarization in Argentina: A Missed Opportunity
Dollarization may still take place in Argentina, but later — and at a higher cost.
Nicolás Nicolás Cachanosky | February 13, 2024
War Is Not Just a Western Notion
Japanese history illustrates the fact that, when it comes to war, the Far East is no different from the Middle East or whatever is either east or west from wherever you are.
Lawrence W. Reed | January 30, 2024
Latin America—Which Model?
The region is at a crossroads
Alvaro Vargas Llosa | January 23, 2024
Nuclear Phaseouts Strike Again
Spain won’t heed lessons from Germany
Paige Lambermont | January 15, 2024
American Privilege
Traveling the developing world reveals vast inequality, racism, and sexism—and just how fortunate Americans are.
Scott Beyer | January 15, 2024
Japan: Where High-Speed Rail Works
The Shinkansen system is efficient and being exported to other countries. Will something similar work in the U.S.?
Scott Beyer | January 8, 2024