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Luka Ladan Luka Ladan is the President and CEO of Zenica Public Relations and a Catalyst Policy Fellow. Prior to founding Zenica, Ladan served as Communications Director at a leading public affairs firm in Washington, D.C.
The Joe Rogan Podcast’s Move To Spotify Is a Good Sign
The continual success of 'edgy' entertainers shows the strength of Free Speech
Luka Ladan | September 10, 2020
Will Small Businesses Stay Closed Post-Pandemic?
Can the United States stand to lose the four million small businesses Oxxford predicts?
Luka Ladan | August 22, 2020
Media Groupthink Comes for Sweden
Facts take a back seat to catchphrases as the pandemic continues to be politicized
Luka Ladan | August 1, 2020
The Power of American Small Business
What the cold, hard numbers tell us about the root of American strength
Luka Ladan | July 6, 2020
How California’s AB5 Law Threatens Entrepreneurship
From Uber drivers to freelance writers, AB5 will upend countless lives
Luka Ladan | June 20, 2020
“Recession-Proofing” Your Small Business
It's important to plan for the future in uncertain times
Luka Ladan | June 5, 2020
COVID-19 Brings Out the Best in American Entrepreneurs
How the U.S. economy is built to overcome this public health crisis
Luka Ladan | May 23, 2020
Where Is the Small Business Advocacy in Normal Times?
Small businesses could lead the US economy out of lock-down, and they should after it too
Luka Ladan | May 4, 2020
Stimulus 101: The U.S. Economy Depends on Large Corporations
Why “Big Business vs. The People” is a Misleading Narrative—Now More Than Ever
Luka Ladan | April 16, 2020
We Shouldn’t Need the Coronavirus to Appreciate Small Business
If there is a silver lining to the coronavirus, it’s that small business is finally getting the respect it deserves.
Luka Ladan | March 27, 2020