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Luka Ladan Luka Ladan is the President and CEO of Zenica Public Relations and a Catalyst Policy Fellow. Prior to founding Zenica, Ladan served as Communications Director at a leading public affairs firm in Washington, D.C.
How Millennials Can Save Six-Figures (Yes, Cutting Out Coffee Helps)
Increasing your income, making sacrifices, and setting goals are perhaps the most common building blocks.
Luka Ladan | February 12, 2020
New Year, Same Small Business Optimism
What hasn’t changed in 2020 is the optimism of the small business community.
Luka Ladan | January 22, 2020
There Is No Pie: The Fallacy of Zero-Sum Economic Thinking
Since the 1960s, all quintiles of American income-earners have seen their real income rise over time.
Luka Ladan | December 26, 2019
Myth-Busting: Small Business Edition
Contrary to what many Millennials believe, the business community isn’t here to ruin Christmas.
Luka Ladan | December 9, 2019
Remember: Ours Is a Consumer-Powered Economy—Powered by You
The mutually beneficial relationships between sellers and buyers are the primary drivers of our economic prosperity.
Luka Ladan | November 21, 2019
Millennials Are Ready for a Crash Course on Tax Policy
Millennials could use a tax cut more than just about any other age group.
Luka Ladan | November 1, 2019
New York City: The Front Line of Minimum Wage Misery
Across the five boroughs, restaurants are feeling the pain from burdensome government mandates.
Luka Ladan | October 15, 2019
Small Business Optimism is Sky-High. Here’s Why That Matters.
Business expansion and job creation bodes well not only for long-term profit, but also for all the employees who bring value to the workplace.
Luka Ladan | September 23, 2019
A Refresher on the National Debt—and Why It Matters for Millennials
Budget deficits may not be clickbait, but that shouldn’t overshadow extent of the problem or the need to address it.
Luka Ladan | September 5, 2019
If the Gig Economy Has Unintended Consequences, So Does Shutting It Down
Tech companies like Airbnb and Uber provide a living experience that was once inaccessible for all but the wealthiest.
Luka Ladan | August 14, 2019