Why Product Safety Regulations Should Be Scrapped
Consumer protection laws may be well-intended, but they have dangerous side effects.
Patrick Carroll | March 26, 2024
‘Laissez-Faire’ Sweden Had the Lowest COVID Mortality in Europe
Many more people in Sweden are alive today because Anders Tegnell understands the economic lesson of secondary consequences better than many economists.
Jon Miltimore | March 12, 2024
Wealth Precedes Health. Policy Should Reflect That.
Public health improves through individual risk reduction and improving outcomes in the ways suited to circumstance, rather than dictates.
Richard Williams | January 30, 2024
Government Funded Science Has a Major Fraud Problem
The system of “checks and balances” in scientific research is completely off-kilter.
Ulyana Kubini | January 16, 2024
Price Controls Are Not What the Doctor Ordered
Price controls will continue to wreak havoc on the healthcare system
David Williams | December 14, 2023
The Red Pill for Pill Ad Headaches
Pharmaceutical ads constitute the second-largest source of the media industry’s ad revenue.
Robert E. Wright | November 28, 2023
Understanding the 500% Price Increase of Pfizer’s Covid Vaccine
Pfizer has a lot of leeway in the price it chooses to charge for its vaccine—especially since almost all rival competitors have been sidelined by the Food and Drug Administration. But there’s more to the story.
Jon Miltimore | October 31, 2023
The Mental Health Crisis and FDA Hurdles
Despite promising research, the potential for MDMA, and other psychedelic drugs to help treat mental illnesses depends on the a pending FDA decision
Raymond J. March | September 15, 2023
Nature Journal ‘Caught-Red-Handed’ in Alleged Scientific Fraud
Scientists call for full retraction of Nature’s SARS-CoV-2 Proximal Origin paper, as fraud accusations mount
Jon Miltimore | August 1, 2023