Why the Feds Are Clinging to Their Mask Mandate
Airports have been the main stages for security and hygiene "theater"
Dan Sanchez | April 22, 2022
Why Medical Price Controls Would Be Catastrophic
Another case of government meddling masquerading as altruism
Daniel Savickas | March 29, 2022
Sweden Now Has One of the Lowest COVID Mortality Rates in Europe
Sweden, which avoided strict lockdowns, now has a lower COVID mortality rate than 29 countries in Europe alone
Jon Miltimore | March 29, 2022
Could Mark Cuban’s Plan to Disrupt Big Pharma Work?
Politicians like to talk about bringing the price of prescriptions down, but per usual, the true leaders in society actually do it.
Hannah Cox | February 17, 2022
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Hannah Cox | February 2, 2022
Can We Stop Moving the Goalposts on COVID Mandates?
Whether the mainstream media chooses to cover it or not, mass immunity is being established as we speak
Luka Ladan | January 27, 2022
Biosecurity Laws Are Not the Answer To Living With COVID
Removing restrictions on the supply of healthcare, not adding restrictions on life is the answer
Conor Norris | January 25, 2022
Why Europe Has At-home Tests And the US Doesn’t
Rather than a market failure, our at-home testing shortage is another government failure
Conor Norris | November 18, 2021
Not All Executive Orders Are Created Equal
Abbott’s vaccine order is not “just as oppressive” as Biden’s
Brady Leonard | November 10, 2021