The Mental Health Crisis and FDA Hurdles
Despite promising research, the potential for MDMA, and other psychedelic drugs to help treat mental illnesses depends on the a pending FDA decision
Raymond J. March | September 15, 2023
Nature Journal ‘Caught-Red-Handed’ in Alleged Scientific Fraud
Scientists call for full retraction of Nature’s SARS-CoV-2 Proximal Origin paper, as fraud accusations mount
Jon Miltimore | August 1, 2023
Obamacare Court Ruling a Victory for Affordability and Choice
Obamacare’s architects may have wanted to streamline the healthcare system, but the law accomplished the opposite.
David Williams | May 2, 2023
Biden Medicare “Reforms” are a Pillbox of Pain
Policymakers can put Medicare on a more sustainable path without harming taxpayers and patients
David Williams | March 28, 2023
Mask Mandates Didn’t Help, but It Gets Worse
We’ve learned a lot about mask effectiveness. But have we learned anything about means and ends?
Jon Miltimore | March 7, 2023
Lockdown Governors Largely Go Unpunished
Whitmer, DeWine cruise to re-election as COVID authoritarianism fades from voters' memories.
Brady Leonard | February 21, 2023
A Brief History of California’s Eugenics Program (1909-2013)
After decades of forced sterilizations followed by feeble apologies, California is shifting to the endgame of its century-long sterilization program: taxing innocent citizens to pay off its victims
Saul Zimet | February 7, 2023
Remember When the CIA Set Back Polio Eradication?
How American foreign policy stunted polio vaccination efforts
Abigail R. Hall | December 20, 2022
Why the Feds Are Clinging to Their Mask Mandate
Airports have been the main stages for security and hygiene "theater"
Dan Sanchez | April 22, 2022