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Ross Marchand is a Catalyst Policy Fellow and the director of policy for the Taxpayers Protection Alliance. He focuses on a range of issues, ranging from health-care reform to internet regulation to Postal Service-related issues. Ross is an alumnus of the Mercatus Center MA Fellowship at George Mason University, where he received his MA in economics in 2016. He has interned for the Texas Public Policy Foundation and the American Legislative Exchange Council, analyzing and blogging on a variety of public policy issues.
Postal Service Could Learn a Thing or Two from Private Shippers’ Pandemic Response
Private shippers seem to have a better handle on keeping their workers and consumers safe from Coronavirus than the USPS.
Ross Marchand | April 3, 2020
Time to Reopen the Campgrounds
Camping confers plenty of benefits that can actually help halt the spread of the coronavirus.
Ross Marchand | March 31, 2020
This National Doctors’ Day, Let’s Show Our Appreciation
On National Doctors’ Day, policymakers can help doctors treat patients and keep the healthcare system working for everyone.
Ross Marchand | March 30, 2020
FDA Should Expand Options for Coronavirus Patients
The FDA must roll back the red tape holding up care for millions of Americans.
Ross Marchand | March 26, 2020
HSAs Can Save Millions of Smokers’ Lives – with the Right Rules
By leveling the tax playing field, the federal government can give millions of smokers a chance to save their lives.
Ross Marchand | February 6, 2020
Healthcare Sharing Ministries Are a Godsend to More than a Million Patients
HCSMs are far from perfect, but they at least afford patients some incentive to shop around while delivering large, overall premium savings.
Ross Marchand | January 17, 2020
Andrew Yang’s Misguided Obsession with Automation
Acknowledging that there is room for improvement is different from kowtowing to a dystopian narrative based on zero evidence.
Ross Marchand | January 14, 2020
As Patients Enter New Decade, Obamacare Remains in the Rear View Mirror
By allowing more choice, policymakers can give patients a chance to enjoy this new year and many more to come.
Ross Marchand | January 10, 2020
Thanks to Crony Capitalism, Healthcare Competition Is Flatlining for Consumers
It’s time to end these crony practices and bring back some much-needed competition to the healthcare sector.
Ross Marchand | January 7, 2020
From the Russia Investigation to FBI Mass Surveillance, Government Snooping Is Out of Control
The best way to curb government malfeasance is by limiting the scope of warrants and surveillance in the first place.
Ross Marchand | January 3, 2020