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Ross Marchand is a Catalyst Policy Fellow and the director of policy for the Taxpayers Protection Alliance. He focuses on a range of issues, ranging from health-care reform to internet regulation to Postal Service-related issues. Ross is an alumnus of the Mercatus Center MA Fellowship at George Mason University, where he received his MA in economics in 2016. He has interned for the Texas Public Policy Foundation and the American Legislative Exchange Council, analyzing and blogging on a variety of public policy issues.
Congress Must Axe Christmas Tree Tax
The Consumer Product Safety Commission has been having a field day regulating any and all festive lights under Santa’s sleigh.
Ross Marchand | December 23, 2019
An Alzheimer’s Cure May Be On the Horizon—But Only With Right-Sized Regulations
The FDA could and should be more open-minded in evaluating the evidence in its drug approval decisions.
Ross Marchand | December 16, 2019
An International Agency Could Erode American Liberties on U.S. Taxpayers’ Dime
Attorney-client privilege is a cornerstone of Western law and is worth preserving.
Ross Marchand | December 6, 2019
Did Midas Touch Medicare?
Despite its positive reputation, Medicare isn’t exactly a harbinger of health.
Ross Marchand | November 22, 2019
A Tale of Two Drug Approvals
The FDA has a unique responsibility to approve game-changing medications in a timely manner.
Ross Marchand | November 15, 2019
Germany Shows Universal Healthcare Is No Panacea
The government mandates, standardizes, and subsidizes care, and yet, struggling citizens still get subpar care.
Ross Marchand | November 5, 2019
America Needs Doctors in the Digital Domain
Seeing the doctor could be a twenty-minute Skype session, instead of a day-long ordeal.
Ross Marchand | October 31, 2019
Study Committee Delivers on Bold New Healthcare Plan
A truly market-based healthcare system would deliver the goods, but only if Congress passes bold reforms.
Ross Marchand | October 24, 2019
There’s a Lack of Expertise on Capitol Hill. That’s Okay.
In-house expertise often stymies genuine intellectual debate by giving a single analysis an official stamp of approval.
Ross Marchand | October 8, 2019
Faux Globalism Benefits No One
Large reductions in pollution tend to happen as economic freedom increases and businesses invest in large-scale efficiency improvements.
Ross Marchand | October 5, 2019