Blame the Government for Consumerism, Not Capitalism
Under capitalism, you accumulate wealth by foregoing consumption, so it makes no sense to say capitalism encourages consumerism
Arjun Khemani | September 26, 2023
Why True Charity Can Only Blossom under Capitalism
Socialists and progressives are wrong to assert that capitalism is inherently greedy
Alex Weber | September 19, 2023
The Mental Health Crisis and FDA Hurdles
Despite promising research, the potential for MDMA, and other psychedelic drugs to help treat mental illnesses depends on the a pending FDA decision
Raymond J. March | September 15, 2023
State Auditor Finds Additional “High Risk” to California
The designation derives from waste, fraud, abuse, or mismanagement at a level posing “substantial risk” to the state and its residents
K. Lloyd Billingsley | September 7, 2023
Remembering President Warren G. Harding
The 29th President of the United States and his underappreciated accomplishments
Will Sellers | August 29, 2023
Javier Milei: The Economist Leading in the Argentine Election
He could become the first libertarian president in modern history
Michael Peterson | August 22, 2023
California’s Solar Dilemma
A Tragic Tale of Regulatory Missteps and Burdened Consumers
Spenser Stenmark | August 22, 2023
Oakland’s Automated License Plate Reader (ALPR) Debacle
History of ALPRs in Oakland casts a shadow over the notion that license plate readers are indispensable tools for law enforcement
Jonathan Hofer | August 16, 2023
Hopefully the Tide is Turning for Nuclear Power in Belgium
The country has a nuclear phase-out policy, but there’s respite for it's two newest reactors
Paige Lambermont | August 15, 2023