Why Sam Bankman-Fried Sounded Like a Rand Villain
Sam Bankman-Fried, unlike James Taggart, is not an idiot. He knew his altruism was phony.
Jon Miltimore | November 24, 2022
Why FTC’s Data Privacy Rulemaking Is Probably Unconstitutional
The recent regulatory agenda as articulated by the FTC is likely beyond the scope of its congressional mandate
Leslie Corbly | November 15, 2022
Who Authorized the DHS to Police Online Speech?
Newly published documents obtained by the Intercept show the US government is actively shaping online discourse and policing speech. This invites a question: when did congress authorize that??
Jon Miltimore | November 15, 2022
Privacy in Social Media: The Paradox Doesn’t Exist
True privacy is hard to come by today
April Liu | November 7, 2022
Can Granny Flats Make California Affordable?
Thousands of people want to build and rent homes in California, will this loophole help?
Laura Williams | November 5, 2022
An Intro to Politics for the Politically Clueless
If you have always felt somewhat lost on the political landscape, this primer is for you
Patrick Carroll | November 1, 2022
History’s First Libertarian?
The Chinese philosopher Zhuang Zhou was articulating Adam Smith’s ‘invisible hand’ two thousand years before 'The Wealth of Nations.'
Jon Miltimore | October 25, 2022
Two Cheers for Approval of New OC Desalination Plant
California should put an end to the Coastal Commission
K. Lloyd Billingsley | October 22, 2022
Bernanke’s Nobel Effect
The prize has been tainted by a backwards understanding the Great Depression and its causes
Alvaro Vargas Llosa | October 21, 2022