WATCH: Love Gov 2: A Room Without a View

Season 2 | Episode 1

September 22, 2018

In this episode, heartbroken and bound to a restriction order, Gov has an epiphany: Why focus on helping one person if you can help more? Gov buys a large house in a hip neighborhood, puts up a For Lease sign up in the front yard, and declares: “It’s time to help people!”

About Love Gov: A Crisis Not to Waste

Shunned by a failed relationship of his own doing on Season 1, Love Gov: From First Date to Mandate,  Gov embarks on a new, more ambitious mission to “help” an entire group of early careerists seeking to establish themselves.

This time, “Gov” works hilariously to create and manipulate a crisis to entrap and control people and ensure their dependency. Will “Gov”’s intrusive scheming last and doom people to uncertain and desperate lives? Can an entire community see through “Gov”’s folly and set a new course for success? Watch Love Gov Season 2.

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