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The 2020 Election Should Shed Light on Central Planning
If government can't count ballots how can it possibly manage a pandemic or our health care?
Jon Miltimore | November 10, 2020
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Why There Are More Fires in California Than the Southeast
The New York Times recently detailed why the solution to California's megafires begins with ending overzealous fire suppression
Jon Miltimore | September 21, 2020
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Immigration, Migration, and the Naiveté of Nativism
What’s wrong with the “fix your own government” argument opposing immigration?
Lawrence McQuillan | August 23, 2020
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School Voucher Kids More Likely to Graduate From College
Catalyst Policy Fellow Kristiana Bolzman highlights the findings of an important new study over at Choice Media TV.
Kristiana Bolzman | August 30, 2019
WATCH: Shouldn’t Healthcare Be Fair?
Fairness means we are all treated the same.
John R. Graham | September 29, 2018
WATCH: What Is Smart Growth?
Do you know how your gas taxes are spent?
Lawrence McQuillan | September 28, 2018
WATCH: Shouldn’t Healthcare be Portable?
Why should you lose your health insurance if you leave your job?
Lawrence McQuillan | September 24, 2018
September 22, 2018